Annual Meeting 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

The IBR 2015 Annual Meeting has successfully concluded. See you next year in San Antonio!

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Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar (SAHS)

Friday, November 20
1:00 PM to 3:45 PM
Room: Room A707 (Atrium Level) - Marriott

The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar (SAHS) works with like-minded scholars to facilitate a renewal of biblical interpretation in the academy that will help reopen the Book for our cultures. The current project of SAHS is “A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation,” edited by Craig Bartholomew and Heath Thomas, which will be published with Baker Academic. For further information, click here to go to the SAHS page under "Research Groups."


IBR Research Groups

Friday, November 20
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
IBR is delighted to facilitate the research of our membership by providing space and promotion of research groups created by members of IBR. We are very pleased that nine such research groups have been created. Click here to go to our "Research Groups" page and view the schedule. Anyone is welcome at these sessions and if you would like to join one of these groups feel free to contact the scholars listed with each group.


IBR Member Registration

Friday, November 20
6:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Room: Marquis A-B (Marquis Level) - Marriott

*IBR members are encouraged to arrive early to pick up their name badges and IBR materials prior to the IBR Annual Lecture. 


Institute for Biblical Research Annual Lecture

Friday, November 20
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Room: Marquis A-B (Marquis Level) - Marriott

The Institute for Biblical Research, Incorporated (IBR) is an organization of evangelical Christian scholars with specialties in Old and New Testament and in ancillary disciplines. Its vision is to foster excellence in the pursuit of Biblical Studies within a faith environment. The achievement of this goal is sought primarily by organizing annual conferences, conducting seminars and workshops, and by sponsoring academic publications in the various fields of biblical research. IBR's conferences, seminars and workshops are open to the public and its publications are available for purchase. 

Tremper Longman, Westmont College, Welcome (10 min)

Milton Eng, William Paterson University, Scripture Reading and Prayer (5 min)

Mark Boda, McMaster Divinity College, Introduction (5 min)

Annual Lecture delivered by Craig Bartholomew, Redeemer University College

Old Testament Origins and the Question of God (40 min)

Sandra Richter, Wheaton College (Illinois), Respondent (10 min)

N.T. Wright, University of St. Andrews, Respondent (10 min)

Discussion (20 min)

Presentation by Zondervan Publishing Company
The IBR Reception follows the Annual Lecture and is sponsored by Zondervan


Annual Reception Sponsored by Zondervan

Friday, November 20
9:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Room: Imperial A-B (Marquis Level) - Marriott

The annual reception, following the lecture, is generously sponsored by Zondervan Publishers.


IBR Breakfast for Women Scholars

Saturday, November 21
7:30 AM to 8:45 AM
Room: Crystal A-F (Level 1) - Hilton

For further information contact Carol Kaminsky ( or Beth Stovell (
RSVP required to attend.


IBR Ethnic Minority Breakfast

Saturday, November 21
7:30 AM to 8:45 AM
Room: 409 (Level 4)  - Hilton

A new initiative this year, the IBR invites members and potential members of ethnic minority background (Latino, Asian, African and/or Native American) to a continental breakfast for networking and brainstorming about future participation in the IBR. For further information, contact Danny Carroll ( or Milton Eng (


IBR Unscripted

Saturday, November 21
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: A602 (Atrium Level) - Marriott

This session of the IBR annual meeting offers Biblical Scholars from throughout the academy the opportunity to present their new and innovative ideas in an engaging forum inspired by the famous TED talks. Scholars will speak without notes and are encouraged to use a variety of media to help the audience interact with their ideas. A generous discussion time will follow each presentation and refreshments will be served.

Katie Heffelfinger, Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Presiding

Peter Enns, Eastern University
On Not-Knowing When Knowing is All You Know (17 min)
Discussion (17 min)
Break (17 min)
Ruth Anne Reese, Asbury Theological Seminary
Remembering the Future, Shaping the Past: Memory, Narrative, and Identity (17 min)
Discussion (17 min)
Break (7 min)
Scott Hafemann, University of St. Andrews
The Unity of the Bible? Really?  (17 min)
Discussion (17 min)
Break (17 min)
Break (7 min)


IRLBR Young Scholars Summit Showcase: "What Qualifies a Psalm to be 'Messianic'? Considering Psalms 8. 16, 40 and 118"
Saturday, November 21
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Room: 207 (Level 2) - Hilton
This session showcases the research of a collaborative group of junior scholars working at Tyndale House, Cambridge, under the leadership of senior IBR scholars and sponsored by IRLBR (International Reference Library of Biblical Research; Daniel C. Fredericks (Belhaven University) from IRLBR provided the overall direction. The senior scholar for 2015 was Richard A. Taylor (Dallas).
Richard A. Taylor, Dallas Theological Seminary, Presiding
Daniel Fredericks, Belhaven University, Introduction (5 min)
Andrew Abernethy, Wheaton College (illinois), Panelist (30 min)
Brandon Crowe, Westminster Theological Seminary, Panelist (30 min)
Mariam Kamell, Regent College, Panelist (30 min)
Michael McKelvey, Reformed Theological Semianry, Panelist (30 min.)
Discussion (25 min)


Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS)

Saturday, November 21
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Room: Courtland (Atlanta Conference Level) - Hyatt

The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS) is a new session that focuses on the intersection of Scripture and Doctrine. It explores how Scripture leads to the formulation of doctrine and how doctrine illuminates our reading of the Bible. The SADS committee consists of Kevin Vanhoozer, Scott Hahn and Craig Bartholomew.For further details and information on this new addition to the IBR program, go to the SADS page under Reseach Groups.


Worship Service

Sunday, November 22
7:30 AM to 8:45 AM
Room: Marquis A-B (Marquis Level) - Marriott

This worship service is sponsored by the Institute of Biblical Research.

Tremper Longman, Westmont College, Presiding
Wendy Porter, McMaster Divinity College, Worship
Lesson from the Hebrew Scriptures: Leviticus 19:30-37
Lesson from the New Testament: Hebrews 13:1-6
Cynthia Westfall, McMaster Divinity College, Introduction
M. Daniel Carroll R., Denver Seminary: "Welcoming the Stranger and Our Vocation"