Biblical Theology Research Group

Starting with our fall 2017 meeting the Biblical Theology research group will pursue a multi-year project focusing on examples of biblical theological method and classification. Using the taxonomy of types of Biblical Theology offered in Understanding Biblical Theology (Zondervan, 2012), the co-chairs of the research group will invite five to six papers over the next two years which will outline, explore, and offer a worked example of their particular type of Biblical Theology. These papers may plot their methodological perspectives within one of the types of Biblical Theology offered in the taxonomy or they may reflect critically upon the taxonomy carving out new space upon the continuum for their particular view/approach to Biblical Theology. The goal of these sessions is to produce papers which reflect upon and refine the particular types of Biblical Theology in addition to providing clearly worked examples of each approach. There is potential to publish these essays either as an expanded version of Understanding Biblical Theology (possibly published by Zondervan) or as a stand-alone companion volume to that text (publisher yet unknown). For further information, please contact Darian Lockett ( or Stephen Presley (


3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Room: Clarendon (Third Level) - Boston Marriott Copley Place (MCP)

Stephen Presley, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Presiding

Stephen Presley, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Introduction (5 min)

Darian Lockett, Biola University
Types of Biblical Theology: A Programmatic Introduction and Update (20 min)

Scott Hafemann, University of St. Andrews
2 Peter 3 and the Model(s) of Biblical Theology at the 'End' of the Canon (25 min)

Break (5 min)

Stephen B. Chapman, Duke University
The How as Well as the What: Canonical Formatting and Biblical Theology (25 min)

Panel Discussion
Discussion (15 min)
Discussion (25 min)