Board Meeting Minutes - 2008

Institute for Biblical Research, Inc.
(A Delaware nonstock corporation)

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
November 21, 2008

Hynes Convention Center, room 312
Boston, MA

The meeting of the Directors of the Institute for Biblical Research, Inc. (IBR) was called to order by the President, Lee McDonald, at 1:03 p.m. The Directors present were Lee McDonald (President), Jeffrey Weima (Treasurer), Lynn Cohick (Secretary), Daniel Hawk (Program Secretary), Richard Hess (Bulletin for Biblical Research (BBR)) Editor, Ted Hildebrandt, Lissa Wray Beal, Kent Yinger, Michelle Lee-Barnewell, Ross Wagner, Brent Strawn. Jim Eisenbraun joined the group for a brief update.

Lee McDonald opened with a devotional stressing that the word of God is powerful, sharper than any 2-edged sword. It is this transformative Word of God which informs what we are about at IBR - reconciling humans to God through Christ. From this Scripture we learn the identity of Jesus and thus our own identity.

Opening Prayer: Lissa Wray Beal

The Agenda was adopted as presented without dissent.

The minutes of the previous year’s meetings (November 16, 17, 2007, March 19, 2008 and September 22, 2008) were approved with one change: Nov. 2007 minutes should be changed as follows: on page 2, the first full paragraph should be modified to “the series [should] aim for a bit wider representation of women and minorities on its boards” NOT “in its publications,” as was erroneously recorded.

The President’s Report

Lee asked for help in making a brochure for IBR.

Lee reminded us of the goals of a key goal of IBR: to promote quality biblical scholarship. He encouraged us to think about ways to offer more opportunities to share this good scholarship and how to involve all our 550 members, including adjusting our program structure.

Responses to Lee’s suggestions:

It was noted that next year (2009) we are having a panel discussion in the second part of the program. Also noted that we could deal with some topics we haven’t looked at – for example, Apocalyptic literature.

It was noted that we can look at our IBR in parallel with SBL. Instead of 20 minute papers, is there something we can do with topics that are distinctive to our evangelical identity, perhaps integrative work?

Lee noted that IBR member David Scholer died in August. Jeff noted that SBL is having session devoted to his memory, SBL 23 101a.

Lee noted that the SBL annual book did not have IBR in the first printing, but IBR was listed in the second one which we picked up on site. Kent noted that you need a special status to be in that first printing. Lee asked Kent to pursue this.

Lee noted that our legal counsel suggested that we write out most things in our minutes to set the context and noted that our logo is secure legally.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Weima distributed and commented briefly upon the Treasurer’s report (copy attached). Weima reported that as of 31 December 2007, current balances were: checking, $25,349.74; savings, $18,418.40. The Board of Directors chose to accept the report as delivered without dissent.


Jim Eisenbraun joined the group during Lee’s statements. At this point the board discussed the question of dues related to the decision to increase BBR to four issues per year. Rick passed around a “Current Costs” sheet to aid discussion. This chart showed the price per page of about 16 other journals. It shows that BBR is quite competitive, quite low in comparison. Rick noted that making Tyndale Bulletin (TB) optional is a possibility. Peter Williams, head of Tyndale House and editor of Tyndale Bulletin, is fine with this option. Moreover, he is open to put the BBR on the TB application form. It would be a great opportunity for BBR, because perhaps as many as 1,000 recipients currently get TB. Rick commented that four issues gives an identity to the Journal on its own, makes it sit out there; it will not be seen only as a journal for IBR. By appearing every 3 months, it becomes a regular part of a scholar’s reading.

Questions were raised: would a 3 issue model would be better? Are there enough submissions to maintain 4? Will we water down the quality?

Rick answered that low acceptance rate does not mean better quality necessarily. BBR is selective, and requirements have gone up. Rick has a large editorial board, every article he finds acceptable, goes to 2 referees to give detailed comments, and he makes final decision if there is difference between referees. The scholar gets all the feedback, even if they are rejected, and the notes can be to help educate and encourage young writers. We do have enough to go to 4 issues, with 192 pages @ 2 issues down to 160 with 4 issues. Also the BBR has an increased book review section, thanks to E. Schnabel. Rick believes we can sustain 4 issues, and as BBR becomes better known, more interest will be generated. The articles are not limited to IBR members.

Jim promoted 4 issues per year, this suggests the journal is becoming mature. Quality is very good. It is nice that TB will do some promotional work for us. And it is important for junior scholars, because of the dwindling number of thoroughly refereed journals.

Jim suggested that membership renewal should be pushed forward to mid Dec to accommodate the late Feb membership (yet sending additional renewal notices are expensive). Need to get renewals for the coming year in the last quarter of the previous year. Cramming it into December is not great either. Perhaps we should move to a September or October membership renewal time.

Motion: make TB optional which keeps dues the same (Ross, second Andy) passed unanimously.

Rick asked whether BBR can continue with the services of an assistant for clerical work. Approved.

Rick notified board that he wanted a second book review editor, devoted to OT.

Motion to accept report: Michelle, Ted seconded. Passed unanimously.

Newsletter Report

Lissa reported that the printed logo did not look great up close. She decided to use color on the outside only, saving $100.

Motion to accept report: Andy, Dan seconded. Passed unanimously.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Cohick delivered orally the Secretary’s report. She announced that the total new membership of IBR as of November, 2008 was as follows: Fellows – 15; Associates – 10; Friends – 1; Changed Status – 6; Reinstatements – 0. She also noted that some new members are confused about the process of being voted in, and when they should pay their dues.

Report accepted unanimously

Worship Committee

Michelle reported that the Sunday speaker, Karen Jobes, canceled because of family crisis, mother’s health.

Darian Lockett will be doing the liturgy since Wayne Johnson could not make it, and Jim Kinney will be participating.

Dan Block will be the speaker for 2009.

Jeff asked about whether we will be changing the style in worship, or sticking with the standard format. Michelle said that Brent Sandy talked with her about format and discussion was unresolved, and his impression was that the Board would prefer to keep the same general format. With a new liturgist, we will have a bit of different format.

Motion to accept report – Brent, second Ross, passed unanimously.

Program Chair Report

Director Hawk reported on behalf of the Program Committee, he “feels free and empowered to think outside the box!” We talked a lot in the president’s report about the program. The IBR 2009 program theme is biblical commentary and theological interpretation (OT Craig Bartholemew, NT John Christopher Thomas, followed by a panel discussion)

Motion to accept report - Lissa, second Kent, passed unanimously.

Membership Committee Report

Andy re-nominated Jeff for treasurer for another 3 year term, Michelle Lee-Barnewall for a second term, Andy Johnson for second term and Tremper Longman III for first term for Director at Large.

Suggestion made that we think about senior members of IBR to keep balance on the board of long term members and newer members. Still not many women and minority in membership pool, and the committee did pursue these people. Lee suggested we encourage our graduate students to join, especially minority and women.

Motion to accept report – Dan, second Rick, passed unanimously.

Additional comment by Brent – minority scholar asked whether the board position travel expenses for someone who have problem in paying for the extra hotel night.

Andy noted that we could consider case by case for hotel extra night stay if not covered by institution. Rick cautioned that we have all kinds of adjudication if we go this route. Michelle, how do you determine what constitutes need?

Brent said that the extra night’s stay is what is at issue.

Ted noted that with downturn the schools are cutting back on scholar support/faculty development.

Membership committee needs to follow up with non-paying dues and encourage them to pay dues. We will get the 2 lists and compare them, and then send a follow up

Motion: We could take up the question in the bylaws and propose something for our Spring phone meeting. The membership committee will take up this question of member qualification (do you need a PhD for membership). Jeff proposed, seconded Andy. Passed unanimously.

Website Report

Ted reported that he was busy keeping up with changing announcements, putting up abstracts for the meetings, emailed news to members. Put up IBR supplements; IBR library review by Earle Ellis. Brent Sandy’s bibliography updated it on the website. Scanned TB from 1-58 issues – all those issues are online. Look up by author or by date.

Ted will work with logo and integrated into the website and will catch up with two BBR issues

Ted requested an updated membership list and with their emails.

Motion to accept report: Brent, Andy seconded. Passed unanimously

Other Business

Lee: Lots of energy needed in setting up our meetings, so the coordinator of the annual meetings should be a voting member of the board. Put on Spring phone Agenda

Next year, we will include all board to the luncheon on Friday, not restricted to executive board members. Motion given by Lee, seconded Rick. Passed unanimously

Ted closed in prayer

Meeting ended at 4:30 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Cohick
IBR Secretary

Annual Business Meeting of Institute for Biblical Research
November 22, 2008
Boston, Mass.

L. McDonald chaired the meeting.

L. McDonald brought a word regarding possible new directions for the IBR meetings contemplated by the Board, especially for the Saturday a.m. presentations. Goal is creative integration of more IBR members into the Saturday presentations. Noted the memorial service for Dr. Scholer incorporated into the SBL schedule of meetings. Gave thanks to T. Hildebrandt for his hard work on the website.

J. Weima presented the financial report. MSC.

R. Hess outlined the new direction for BBR, with 4 issues annually at the same member price. Tyndale Bulletin will now be optional. Renewal notices will be sent earlier this year to facilitate the change to more editions. Noted downloads of BBR/TynB are now available from the IBR website. Gave thanks to Dr. Schnabel as associate editor.

A. Johnson gave the report of the nomination committee. J. Weima nominated for a 2nd term, as are M. Lee-Barnewell, A. Johnson, and B. Strawn for a second term as directors-at-large. T. Longman nominated for a first term as director-at-large. Board motion carried.

A. Johnson presented new Fellows, Associates, and Friends nominated to IBR, together with those whose status has changed. Board motion carried.

D. Hawke presented the Bylaw Revision to Article V previously provided to the membership by email. Board motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Lissa Wray Beal

Institute for Biblical Research, Inc.

(A Delaware nonstock corporation)

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

November 22, 2008

Hynes Convention Center, room 312

Boston, MA

Present for lunch: Lee McDonald (President) Lynn Cohick (Secretary), Rick Hess (Editor, BBR), Andy Johnson, Dan Hawk, Kent Yinger, Michelle Lee-Barnswell, Brent Strawn, Ted Hildebrandt.

Called to order: 1:15 pm

Comments on 2008 meeting:

Good use of space, a nice room for the eating area; presentation was good, but difficult to follow; response was weak and too general, not cutting edge.

Perhaps having a publisher have an author speak about a newly published book, but in this case have shorter paper (Rick).

It was noted by several that two 45 minute papers back to back are too long for most people. Should the annual lecture be adjusted to 45 minutes with a 20 minute response?

The study group whose project was announced by Darrell Bock was made up of men only. The group was formed a decade ago, but going forward, we should think about working groups composed of men, women and minorities

The Saturday morning business meeting – we usually have 25 minutes, but we have gone about 40 minutes – what should we be looking at? We should keep it to 30 minutes. Also publishers went about 3 times longer than expected, from 2 to 8 minutes. Should we move the business meeting later, so that the publishers will speak to more people, since not as many people come first thing.

Tyndale breakfast is right before our Saturday morning meeting, and that sometimes runs late. How did that effect us?

Devotions – we have to make sure this is not an academic paper. Make it inspirational, speak to our heart. Let’s keep it on Friday, it is distinct for IBR. Do we want a devotion on Saturday? Start with a Christian practice like prayer or song or creed or passing of the peace or read a Psalm. The overall focus is to locate our work as an evangelical Christian. The Sunday morning is a distinctive. Michelle will work on getting the devotion for Friday night and also think about how to handle the Saturday morning issue. Michelle will also contact Dan Block and Karen Jobes about the upcoming Sunday services.

Fellowship time is distinctive of IBR. It is open to all, which further defines our identity.

[Zondervan will be the sponsor for next year, 2009]

Program note: Length of papers for next year is ½ hours, with 10 minute responses.

Then the panel.

We’ll need to ask for a room for 500-600 people.

Next meeting, end of March. Lynn will send out the minutes the first week of Dec. And make an action list of what each board member should do.

Let Lee know what ideas you would like to have in the brochure.

Positions on the board:

Lynn, Secretary

Jeff, Treasurer

Tremper is only new member.

Dan, Program

Lissa, Newsletter

Michelle worship

Rick, BBR editor

Andy, Nominations

Kent – Events Coordinator

Ted – Web

Ross - Program

Brent - Nominations

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Cohick
IBR Secretary