Board Meeting Minutes - 2011

IBR Conference Call Board Meeting
March 7, 2011 7 pm CST

Members Present: Lee McDonald (Chair), Lynn Cohick (Secretary) Craig Keener, Jeff Weima, Rick Hess, Kent Yinger, Brent Strawn, Carol Kaminski, Mark Boda, Ruth Anne Reese, Ken Litwak

Absent: Tremper Longman, Lissa Wray-Beal

Opening Prayer: Jeff Weima

Agenda accepted with additions: reports from program committees.

1. Financial report (see attachment): Jeff Weima explained the lower number in 2010 of $14,000.00 as representing the hit we took moving to the 4 BBR volumes, plus higher costs for the 2010 annual meeting, and the added monies we paid to Eisenbrauns because they had unwittingly under-charged us for several years. The current amount shows some improvement with new members. Plus our savings has gone up through advertising amounts. We usually spend about $25,000.00 each year.
Motion by Lee McDonald to add $5.00 to our current dues was defeated and the idea of raising dues will be considered in November at our Board meeting. There is no opposition to raising dues, but how much to raise them is debated.

2. Motion to send BBR as a gift subscription: Rick Hess, seconded by Lynn Cohick. MSA
Motion: In the interest of supporting theological education and research in the 2/3’s world, the IBR board authorizes the president of IBR to obtain funding to cover the cost of purchasing and mailing subscriptions of BBR (volume 21 for 2011) to the following seven seminaries listed below. The cost for the 2011 year will be $320.
At the end of this year the IBR board will review this project in order to determine that the seminaries are receiving the journal and finding it useful.

3. Discussion of website upgrade and dues: Lynn Cohick
Lynn Cohick will send an email to board members requesting suggestions names of those who might consult on our website problems and offer suggestions.

4. Annual Program
a.  Kent Yinger on annual meeting
Worship meeting on Sunday: Ken will be working with Kent on this Friday night meeting: 850 group number for the room space rented Friday afternoon rooms will be scheduled Publisher: Baker Academic will be providing refreshments on Friday night
b. Craig Keener for Program Theme: Global Readings
Friday Nov. 18, 2011

  • M. Daniel Carroll R., Distinguished Professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary
    Response: K. K. Yeo, Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Saturday Nov. 19, 2011 (order of presentation not yet established)
  • Barbara Lai, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale University College and Seminary
    Response: Chloe Sun, Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies, Logos Evangelical Seminary
  • J. Ayo Adewuya, Professor of New Testament, Pentecostal Theological Seminary
    Response: Daniel Darko, Gordon College
  • Grant LeMarquand, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Mission (and dean), Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry
    Response: Ovaldo Padilla, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Beeson Divinity School
  • David deSilva, Trustees Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek, Ashland Theological Seminary
    Response: Nijay Gupta, Instructor in Biblical Studies, Seattle Pacific University
  • Publisher: Jim Kinney, Baker Academic

c. Ruth Ann on Friday Work Groups: Background: The IBR is a confessional group and as such has the opportunity to foster some particular contributions to the academy. In light of the interests expressed and the nature of the IBR, one area that may be of particular interest to members of the IBR is the area of biblical theology. Many of those who showed interest in the Friday afternoon working groups expressed an interest in this area.

As we discussed the nature of the contribution that IBR might make to our members, we discussed the possibility that there might be several types of Friday afternoon working groups. We see this coming to fruition through three types of groups:

  • Working Groups would be groups organized around a particular goal or project. For the upcoming year (2011) there have been quite a number of people who have expressed interest in the intersection between the Bible, biblical theology, and systematic theology, and this might be a place to begin with this type of group.
  • Seminar Groups would be groups that are open to hearing a variety of short papers around a given subject. There were interests expressed in topics generally related to OT/NT (e.g., Pentateuch/Poetry/Gospels/Epistles).
  • Discussion Groups would be groups organized around a panel of presenters on a particular topic with time for both the presentation and significant engagement with and interaction with the audience (seeing the audience as contributors and not just as listeners).

We are currently working on how to organize and administer such groups. One option would be to place the genesis of groups in the hands of the membership, so that we don’t create something that is not of interest. We would have to create a protocol for applying for group status and a way for these groups to publicize their interests and plans. The other option would be for us to create set groups and do a call for papers/ideas. The first option may be preferable since it would ensure leadership and interest, but we would have to discern how to proceed if we were overwhelmed by requests for groups.

For the current year, 2011, there have been a variety of interests that have been put forward. We have grouped those who have expressed interest into the following categories:

Biblical Theology Group

  • Carroll (OT Theology)
  • Castleman (biblical theology, rewedding two disciplines as per Vanhoozer, possibly referring to NT andOTor BTandST)
  • Mead (Biblical Theology, an OT person)
  • Smith (Biblical Theology, a NT person)
  • Gupta (use of OT in NT)
  • Gurtner (Synoptics and interface with OT)
  • Snow (new methods for analyzing how NT authors Gospels esp. use OT, intertextuality)
  • Lessing (OT Prophets Isaiah/NT Paul)
  • Marlowe (NT Use of the OT (OT hermeneutics, especially value of OT for Christians and the debate over literal vs spiritual interpretation)

Second Temple Judaism Group

  • Halcomb (Jewish Context of Early Christianity)
  • Mosser (Jewish Christianity, Hebrews, issues related to Second Temple Judaism (Halakhah, synagogue practices, biblical) interpretation
  • Rainbow (Early Judaism/NT)

OT General trends

DtrH/Former Prophets

  • Lamb (cannot make Fri afternoon in 2011)
  • Hawkins (Joshua/Judges)
  • Wray Beal (DH)


  • Lessing (Prophets: Isaiah)


  • Lennox (OT Psalms)
  • Marlowe (OT Poetry, parallelism, Psalms)
  • Wray Beal (Psalms)

Wisdom Lit

  • Marlowe


  • Wray Beal
  • Broadhurst

Israelite Religion

  • Greer

Israelite History

  • Hawkins (early Israelite settlement)

Hebrew Poetry

  • Marlowe (OT Poetry, theories on parallelism)

NT General Trends

General NT (no particular subject specified)

  • Timothy Gombis
  • Bill Klein
  • Yongborn Lee
  • Ken Litwak


  • Dan Gurtner
  • John Lee
  • Nicholas Perrin
  • Dan Smith


  • Dan Smith (Gospels & Acts)
  • Aaron Son (Paul & Acts)


  • Nijay Gupta

These groups could be a way to encourage our PhD students to present or participate in IBR.

5. vote for new IBR members: Lynn Cohick, seconded Carol Kaminski. MSA

Meeting Adjourned 8:12 pm CST

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Cohick