Board Meeting Minutes - February 2014

IBR Board Minutes Thursday, February 27, 2014 8:00—9:15pm (EST)

Present: Tremper Longman (President), Mark Boda, Danny Carroll, Milton Eng, Nijay Gupta, Katie Heffelfinger, Rick Hess, Carol Kaminski, Jim Mead, Ruth Anne Reese, Beth Stovell, Cindy Westfall.

Opening prayer: Tremper Longman

  1. 2014 Program Review and Update (Mark Boda)
    Mark gave a report on the upcoming program. Craig Keener has been confirmed as the plenary speaker. The title for the Friday evening program is “Miracles: Philosophical and Historical Plausibility.” Craig’s paper will be followed by two shorter responses.
    Possible speakers were discussed for 2015 and 2016, but this has not yet been confirmed.

  2. Friday Afternoon Research Groups Update (Ruth Anne Reese)
    Ruth Anne submitted a written report summarizing last year’s program. Particular attention needs to be given to the use of rooms for 2014. Ruth Anne noted that they still need to find a few emerging scholars for the 2014 program. IBR board members will contact Ruth Anne with names.

  3. Sunday Worship Program Update (Cindy Westfall)
    Cindy gave a report on last year’s worship service, noting that attendance was somewhat lower; it was noted that the room was difficult to find. She also mentioned that she will need to know whether a keyboard is available earlier in the year so that alternate plans can be made. Cindy asked Board members to provide names for the 2014 worship service.

  4. “Ted Talk” Committee Update (Katie Heffelfinger)
    Katie reported on the “Ted Talk” idea. The subcommittee recommended that we try a pilot session in 2014, possibly with three speakers. The Board discussed whether the participants need to be IBR members or not. There was general consensus that the speakers do not need to be IBR members, since this allows for different views to be expressed at IBR events. Names of possible speakers were discussed, and Katie asked the Board to email her with other suggestions.

  5. Report on New Partnership with SAHS (Tremper Longman)
    Tremper provided a brief report on the partnership with SAHS. This new program was met with enthusiasm by the Board.

  6. Young Scholars Program with IRLBR Update (Tremper Longman)
    Tremper provided a brief report on the Young Scholars Program. The list of potential candidates has been sent to IRLBR, and Tremper is waiting to hear who they have chosen. Ruth Anne has been invited to be the NT Senior Scholar. This was met with enthusiasm by the Board.

  1. Discussion for Festschrift Presentation (Tremper Longman)
    Tremper noted that there will be a brief Festschrift presentation at the 2014 Friday night program.

  2. Treasurers Update (Jim Mead)
    Jim provided a brief update on the finances. Membership has been strong. The Board was enthusiastic about the administrative work done by Jessica Boggs. The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report (Mead/Boda). The Board agreed that Jim will close the Farmer’s bank account and transfer funds to the Heartland account.

  3. Membership Update (Beth Stovell)

    1. Update on current membership.

      Beth provided a membership update. IBR currently has 472 members (397 members + 75

      Tyndale Bulletin subscribers).

    2. V oting on new members.

      The Board approved the following three new members: Kenneth Bergland (Associate); Jeff

      Brannon (Fellow); Timthy Gabrielson (Associate).

    3. IBR women’ s breakfast (Carol).

      Carol provided an update on the women’s breakfast. Beth and Carol prepared a proposal to the Imago Dei Fund, requesting support for an IBR women scholar’s breakfast. Carol reported that a grant of $4,800.00 has been approved, which covers the cost of three IBR breakfasts to be held annually over three consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016). The breakfast is intended primarily for IBR members, but as space allows other younger women scholars may be invited.

    4. New Members Application process: Motion: “That people who are applying for membership with IBR be required to submit the name of one IBR sponsor rather than two.” (Stovell/Kaminski)
      Discussion ensued on the membership application process. It was noted that the By-Laws require that two people nominate a new member. The motion was not carried, therefore, and the Board recommended that Carol and Beth review the By-Laws and report back to the Board at the next meeting.

    5. New membership application form: How can we make people realize they don’t need to wait to be nominated? Change language of “sponsor” and “nominate”? Motion: “The the membership committee change the language to reflect more accurately the application process.” (Stovell/Kaminski).

      Discussion ensued on the language used in the application form, noting that the term “nominate” gives the wrong impression that someone cannot apply to IBR without first being nominated by an IBR member. The Board suggested that Carol and Beth review the language and bring back a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting.

    6. Discussion item: Should BBR board members be required to be IBR members?
      The Board discussed whether or not the Board should require all BBR board members to be IBR members. A general consensus emerged that while it is expected that most BBR board members would be IBR members, there would continue to be some flexibility, allowing that people could be on the BBR editorial board without holding IBR membership (especially those outside the US).

  4. Report on Website (Milton Eng)
    Milton provided a brief report on the website. There has been a successful launch of membership applications through the IBR website. IBR members can now add and update their own information, along with recent publications. Information about the IBR 2014 Research Groups is now available on the website.

11. Preliminary Report from Committee on Publications (Daniel Carroll R.)
Danny reported that discussions have taken place regarding the role of the BBR editor in relation to the supplement series. The incoming BBR chief editor will continue to have oversight of BBR, but it is unclear what role he will have with regard to the supplement series. The subcommittee will bring a proposal to the IBR board at the next meeting.

12. BBR Update
Rick provided an update on BBR, noting that Vol. 23 has been published, and work is underway for Vol. 24. He noted that Vol. 25 will be a special 25th anniversary edition, with former editors of BBR being invited to write an article, along with the current president, Tremper Longman. Rick also provided an update on the BBR supplement series. He noted that volume 8 has appeared, and shortly we should see the publication of volume 9 by Bryan C. Babcock, Sacred Ritual: A Study of the West Semitic Ritual Calendars in Leviticus 23 and the Akkadian Text Emar 446.

Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm. Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Kaminski IBR Secretary