Board Meeting Minutes - February 26, 2015

Board meeting, Feb 26, 2015
8:00—9:30pm (EST) 

Present: Tremper Longman (President), Mark Boda, David Capes, Danny Carroll, Milton Eng, Katie Heffelfinger, Rick Hess, Carol Kaminski, Craig Keener, Jim Mead, Beth Stovell, Cindy Westfall (excused, Nijay Gupta).

Opening Prayer (Longman)

1.     2015 Program update: Friday evening (Boda)

  • Craig Bartholomew is giving the Friday evening address, “Old Testament origins and the question of God.” Mark has two respondents in mind; if the board has any suggestions, they should email them to Mark.
  • The reception will be hosted by Zondervan.
  • Nijay has been working on rooms, so that this should be all set.
  • Prayer and Scripture reading: Milton Eng.

2.     2015 IBR Unscripted (Heffelfinger)

  • The board received very positive feedback about IBR Unscripted last year.
  • Several names were suggested; Katie will follow up with this.  

3.     2015 Friday Afternoon Research Groups update (Stovell, attachment)

  • Beth is taking over from Ruth Ann. She reported that there were 10 research groups last November with over 300 people attending. The response was very positive.
  • New research group: Theology of prayer in the Old Testament. The Scripture and Hermeneutics group is developing a Scripture and Doctrine seminar.
  • There are still issues with rooms at SBL. The rooms need to be checked ahead of time.
  • Need to recruit names from the board for the emerging scholars group.

4.     2015 Worship Service update (Westfall)

  • The worship service went well in San Diego, v. positive response. Wendy Porter will continue as worship leader next year; Cindy is still looking for someone to preach. Please email her with any suggestions. All the other slots will need to be filled by March 20.  

5.     Treasurer’s update (Mead, attachment)

  • Jim reported that the budget is strong. He noted that we are slightly ahead in membership from last year; our checking has $5,000 more than last year.

6.     Secretary’s Update (Kaminski)

a.     Conflict of Interest policy: all board members need to sign the conflict of interest statement; this needs to be done at the Nov board meeting each year.

b.     Renewal of Trademark: Carol reported that the IBR trademark has recently been renewed.

c.      Updating of bylaws (motion from last November): Carol reported that IBR members will need to vote on the changes to the bylaws approved at the November board meeting. This will be done via Survey Monkey in the coming months.

d.     BBR Royalties from Galaxie: Carol reported that Jessica is reviewing our agreement with Galaxie about royalties that are currently being paid to IBR. Jim Mead will contact Galaxie to see if they can provide a more detailed royalty statement each year. Carol will follow up with Jessica.

7.     Membership Committee update (Kaminski/Stovell)

a.     Vote on new members (attachment)
Beth brought four names to the board for vote: Brent Thomason, Erin Heim, Michelle Knight, Karen Keen. Approved unanimously. The board will vote on Jeff Morrow’s application via email once his two sponsors have been confirmed.  

b.     Current membership: Beth noted that there are approx. 400 current IBR members, yet there are approximately 130 members who have not renewed their membership. Jim Mead and the membership committee will continue to monitor lapsed membership, especially how the shift to “rotating membership” is impacting revenue.

c.      Women’s breakfast: Beth reported that IBR will be hosting the breakfast for women scholars again this year at SBL. Over 40 women attended last year.

d.     Other items: Beth noted that the membership committee will be following up with two other past items, first, updating of the membership application page on the website, and second, preparing a recommendation to the board so that graduate students can become IBR members (recommendation came from Nov board meeting).

8.     BBR Report (Keener, below)

  • Craig noted that five new articles have come in for BBR 25.4, of which three have been accepted and two await word from the final reviewers. The 25.1 volume has been proof-read, so it should be out soon (within the first quarter of 2015). That, and 25.2 and 25.3, were already finished by Rick.

9.      BBR Supplement Report (Hess)

  • Rick reported that the BBR Supplement Series is pleased to report that three volumes are in press and due to appear in the coming months:  M. Daniel Carroll R. and Blair Wilgus eds., Wrestling with the Violence of God: Soundings in the Old Testament; Gary G. Hoag, Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and the First Letter to Timothy: Fresh Insights from Ephesiaca by Xenophon of Ephesus; and R. Gregory Jenks, Paul and His Mortality: Imitating Christ in the Face of Death.  Additional volumes are in the editorial process.  Submissions of biblical scholarship of monograph length are invited.  Contact Rick Hess at for Old Testament and general works, and Craig Blomberg at for New Testament works.  

10. Ethnic Minority Initiative (Carroll)

  • Milton is in the process of contacting a Foundation about a grant to see if the cost of the breakfast could be covered. Milton and Danny Carroll will write a short paragraph about this initiative, which will be included in the president’s newsletter. They will make a general announcement about a potential gathering at SBL. The board was supportive of this initiative and Tremper thought that some funds might be available.  

11. Report from IBR Regionals Subcommittee (Eng/Mead/Westfall)

  • David Capes gave a brief report about an upcoming regional meeting.

12. Update on Lanier Library (Longman, below)

May 23, 2015 — Richard Hays
Sept. 12, 2015 — Lynn Cohick
Oct. 10, 2015 — Alister McGrath
Feb. 6, 2016 — Michael Bird
Apr. 2, 2016 — Joseph Shulam

  • Tremper noted that the Lanier Library has graciously extended an invitation to board members to visit the Lanier Library. They would like to have one or two board members visit the library for the lecture weekends.  Board members should contact David directly.

13. Update on IRLBR Summer program (Longman)

  • Tremper reported that Dan has communicated to him that they are having a smaller group this summer. Three junior scholars have been confirmed (Karnell, Crowe, Abernethy, and McKelvey).

14. Newsletter (Heffelfinger)

  • An electronic version will be done again this year; no other update.

15. Nominating Committee update (Cindy Westfall)

  • Cindy noted that four board positions are up for consideration: Tremper Longman (3 year term); Mark Boda (3 year term); Beth Stovell (2 year term), Milton Eng (2 year term). All four members are eligible for renewal. The nominating committee will be meeting to review these positions; please contact Cindy or Danny to give your feedback.
  • Kate and Cindy have finished their second two-year terms, so they are not eligible for renewal. The nominating committee would like to receive names from the board to fill these positions. Please email your recommendations to Katie, Cindy, and Danny (and cc Carol) within the next two weeks, as the committee plans to bring a motion to the board by the end of March. Carol will work with Cindy to determine the voting procedure.

16. Matters arising

  • Tremper noted that the Presidential letter will be sent out next week.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Kaminski

IBR Secretary