Board Meeting Minutes - February 28, 2018

2018 Conference Call Agenda
Institute of Biblical Research
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 5:00pm (PST) /6:00pm(MST) /7:00pm(CST) /8:00pm (EST)

Attendance: Aaron Son, Rick Hess, Rebekah Josberger, Mark Boda, Lissa Wray Beal, Beth Stovell, Karen Jobes, David Capes, Craig Keener, Holly Beers, Milton Eng, Tremper Longman

Absent: Jeannine Brown (ATS conference)

Opening Prayer (Tremper Longman)

  1. 2018 Program Review and Update: Friday Annual Lecture and IBR UnScripted (Mark Boda/David Capes/Aaron Son/Holly Beers)
    1. Mark reported on Friday Annual Lecture: Richard Hays agreed to speak, getting title soon, then getting respondents to him, asking a Board member to pray and read Scripture again; no special requests for Festschrifts, etc.; but we will want to have something about the new president.
    2. David reported on Friday night reception Zondervan this year and they are ready to do this.  Action: Aaron will find contact information and e-mail David and Tremper to follow up.
    3. Holly reported on IBR UnScripted: 3 confirmed speakers, everyone we invited said yes; Dan Hawk (Ashland), Esau McCaulley (Northeastern Sem), Christine Palmer (Gordon Conwell) Action: Holly will follow up with speakers and pass on titles to Mark.
    4. Mark reported on SBL Affiliates Discussion: About 6 weeks ago, John Kutsko conversation about SBL Affiliates, new policy drafted for affiliate groups: SBL agreement with affiliates said that each affiliate would receive 4 free academic sessions (previously 2). No presidential speech, no reception, no lunch, no board meeting, no prayer; $150 per session, under present policy we should pay for 18 out of 22 of our sessions. This year cost for extra 10 non-academic sessions. Considering this for board meetings while at conference. This also impacts our associates: Scripture and Hermeneutics seminars.
      1. Mark reported on Langham Partnership: Flying 10 scholars from all over the majority world to Denver, holding two sessions on the Sunday morning after the worship (9am and 1pm sessions); celebrating Langham’s work. Finally come to fruition to bring these scholars in. Also they will be putting in papers for various research groups. Future talk about how we want to work with them. Suggestions for ways to honor them?  Becky will follow up with this at the budget section.
      2. Action: Mark will need to follow up with John Kutsko with how many sessions they were counting, particularly those with food. (e.g., breakfasts, annual receptions, board meetings, etc.)
      3. Proposal: In principal are we open to including the new session on Scripture and the University, as long as they are willing to pay their way? Question from the board regarding timing of the session in relation to IBR sessions.
      4. Scripture and the University Seminar Request: Action: Mark and Tremper will talk to Craig Bartholomew about this particularly in light of their request for a new group, concerning money and scheduling issues.
  1. 2018 Friday Afternoon Research Groups Update (see attachment) (Lissa Wray Beal)
    1. Lissa reported on research groups. This coming year we will go up in research groups. 2017: 16 groups, add two 2 groups for 2018: Langham Partnership (1 year, Sunday); Pentateuch group; Global Hermeneutics group giving their support to Langham group with a hiatus this year. Difference between 2017 and 2016: one group had an extremely large group. In 2017, people making choices between IBR and ETS. This will not happen again in 2018. We will be keeping the earlier time of 3-5pm.
    2. Action: Rick will prepare a notice to encourage attendance for Emerging Scholars. He will send to Beth.
  1. 2018 Sunday Worship Program Update (Holly Beers)
    1. Holly reported on Sunday Worship Program. She spoke with Karen bringing in local musicians. This would help fix the problem of equipment. It would introduce a less formal element into a more formal service. Considerations: do we need to pay for these worship artists? Proficiency, theological consistency? Positives: integration with the local church. We would need to talk with David DeSilva and Wendy Porter for this. We were contacted by Amy Felt about her potential to participate in worship.
    2. Action: Holly will follow up on this and return suggestions to the board.
  1. Nominating Committee update (Jeannine Brown (in absentia)/Beth Stovell)
    1. Positions for nomination: 2 Member At-Large position (with website potential); Program Chair; President
    2. Board discussed potential nominees for president position.
    3. Motion: Nominate Lynn Cohick for presidential candidate. Karen: nominated; Lissa: Seconded. Nomination unanimously approved by the Board.
    4. Timing of President Election: Board agreed for presidential election in the Spring rather than the Fall.
    5. Action: Beth will communicate with Jeannine that we have made this decision.
  1. Newsletter Update (Jessica Boggs (in absentia)/Beth Stovell) (Moved to Sept meeting).
  1. Treasurers Update (Rebekah Josberger) (see attachment)
  1. Motion: Accept the Treasurer’s Report. Unanimous agreement.
  2. Follow up on potential fee increase: Proposal 1 from Treasurer to not increase dues.
  3. Recommendation by board to access what the costs for PSU will be and then make decisions next year based on this. Proposal 2 is related to this encouraging waiting for scholarship fund. Additional suggestion to proposal: use surplus in 2018 for support for Langham Partnership with a reception to meet IBR board members.
  4. Action: Mark will follow up with Ian Shaw at Langham Partnership about this.  
  5. Action: Subcommittee on scholarship fund (David, Becky, Aaron) to follow up with what to do in 2019.
  1. Secretary’s Update (Beth Stovell)
    1. Review of Previous Minutes: Minutes Accepted.
    2. Question: Timing of regular intervals for membership applications.  
  1. Membership Committee Update (Beth Stovell)
    1. Update on current membership
    2. Voting on new members (see attachments)
    3. Elizabeth Sunshine (Annual Meeting) – requesting Associate category. PhD Candidate in Christianity & Judaism in Antiquity at Notre Dame. She needs someone from board to sponsor/support application, as she knew no one at the meeting whom she could ask. Help her to find a recommender. No approval now. Becky would be willing to connect with her and get to know her. Action: Beth will send Becky her contact information.
    4. Agreement with these suggestions from the membership: Jeremy Michael Kimble (Oct/Nov) – requesting Fellow status. Is currently Asst. Prof. of Theology, holding PhD in Theology/NT. Despite his listing of PhD in Theology/NT, his concentration was Theological Studies and he currently teaches Systematic Theology. I would recommend we shift his membership to “Friend."

Garrick Bailey (Oct/Nov) – requesting Associate category. PhD student in Systematic Theology at SBTS with a minor in Church History. I recommend that he should be shifted to Friend category.  
Oscar Jimenez (Oct/Nov) – requesting Student Member category. Currently MPhil/PhD student in Biblical Studies at London School of Theology. I recommend that he should be shifted to Associate category.   
Edwina Murphy (Annual Meeting) – currently app says she’s requesting Friend category, just because she understands that Fellow may not be an option. Her research field is Cyprian’s use of Scripture, and she currently lectures in Church History at Morling College. PhD thesis was Cyprian’s Use of Paul – selected publications are listed on CV. I believe Friend is still the appropriate category for her, but would want the Board’s position on this. 

Entire Board Agreement: Acceptance with these adjustments

  1. Membership Discount Initiative-Continuing this year.  
  2. 2018 IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast
    1. Feedback Survey Results (See attachment): Suggestions given for next year’s IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast speaker. .
    2. Imago Dei Connections in Boston
    3. Future funding: Potential for future funding opportunities. Action: Beth will put together a proposal for our September meeting for a second event on networking.
  1. Ethnic Minority Breakfast (Milton Eng)
    1. Speaker: African American speaker agreed: Denis Edwards.
    2. Suggestion for changing time so that there is no conflict with Women Scholars’ breakfast. Possible times: Sunday after IBR Worship? Decision: not make a change this year.
  1. Report on Website (Milton Eng)
    1. Action: Beth will need to update the “Brief History of IBR”.
    2. Milton reported on website. He will try to get the search function working before he leaves in November.


  1. BBR Report (Craig Keener)
  1. Tremper reported on the BBR-PSU Agreement.  Discussion from Board ensued about questions of incurred cost. Questions regarding the impact on dues. Action: Tremper will follow up with Jim Eisenbrauns if this is the same fee that we were paying per issue (questions: $30 the same? Institutional income?)
  2. Action: Beth will look for the Eisenbrauns contract to compare to PSU contract. Tremper completed this task via talking with Jim Eisenbrauns.
  3. Motion: We approve this agreement assuming there is not more than $5 per issue difference. Motion withdrawn. Board agreed that we need more information before making a decision via e-mail.
  4. Craig reported on BBR submissions.
  5. BBR Editorial Assistant Proposal (Rebekah Josberger) (see attachment with full proposal): Proposal was for $15 per hour increase from $11 per hour. (Same since 2008). This is still within our budget because we have been under budget consistently. Unanimous agreement on pay increase.
  6. BBR covers: Discussion about the covers. They are not scholarly looking enough. Final one looks bland and amateurish.
    1. Action: Tremper requested our views about these covers.
  1. BBR Supplement Report (Richard Hess) (Attachment)

With the retirement of Craig Blomberg, I am delighted to announce that Cynthia Westfall has agreed to take on the responsibility of Associate Editor.  We have ten manuscripts that have been edited and submitted to Eisenbrauns/PSU awaiting publication.  Due to this backlog, we have decided not to accept new manuscripts for publication in 2018.  In the future, the publisher will require two double blind reviews for each volume submitted for publication.  The five volumes that Eisenbrauns hopes to appear in 2018 are the following:

William Osborne, Trees and Kings: A Comparative Analysis of Tree

Imagery in Israel's Prophetic Tradition and the Ancient Near East.  (out of press)

Carmen Joy Imes, Bearing YHWH’s Name at Sinai: A Re-Examination of the Name Command of the Decalogue.  (April?)

Nelson R. Morales, Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James’s Use of the Old Testament. (summer)

Greg Rhodea, Signs of Continuity: The Sign-Function of Miracles in the Ministries of Jesus and Paul as Evidence of Shared Convictions.

G. Geoffrey Harper, “I Will Walk Among You”: The Rhetorical Function of Allusion to Genesis 1-3 in the Book of Leviticus.

Bryan Blazosky, The Law’s Universal Condemning and Enslaving Power: A Study of the Relationship of Gentiles to the Law in Paul, the Old Testament, and the Second Temple Jewish Literature.

  1. International Scholarship Fund (Rebekah Josberger) (Moved up to Treasurer’s Report)
  1. IBR TM Registration Renewal (Tremper Longman): Table this discussion for Sept meeting.
  1. Matters arising