Board Meeting Minutes - March 2, 2017

2017 Conference Call Agenda

Institute of Biblical Research

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Present: Aaron Son, Jessica Boggs, Mark Boda, Craig Keener, Richard Hess, Jim Mead, Beth Stovell, Karen Jobes, Lissa Wray Beal, Jeannine Brown, David Capes (joined 30 min late), Milton Eng (late arrival)


Absent: Rebekah Josberger (absent)


Opening Prayer (Tremper Longman)


1.     2017 Program Review and Update: Friday Evening (Mark Boda/David Capes)

a.     Mark reported on the Friday Annual Lecture: Main Speaker: John Walton: “Understanding Torah”; Respondent: Bruce Wells from St. Josephs and Myrto Theocharous; Reception: Baker this year with Jim Kinney. Action: David will follow up with Mark on PowerPoint, projection system, microphones at front and in the aisle.No sound needed for the reception.  


2.     2017 Friday Afternoon Research Groups Update (see attachment) (Lissa Wray Beal)

Lissa reported, thanking Karen for creating this report. Updates included publications from these sessions and requests from groups. Participation jumped by about 300 people. Due to Pauline Theology group drawing alone 300 people; Scripture and Hermeneutics group almost doubled their numbers. Combined attendance over 1100 people. Past year 13, three new groups. Research groups up to 16, plus 3 Scripture and Hermeneutics Groups.

a.     Adjustments to Format

Lissa presented a question regarding the current format of our Friday Afternoon sessions, which arose from emails and suggestions from Research Group leaders. The Program Committee has discussed this topic and shared the potential positives and drawbacks of such an adjustment. Positives include participation in multiple groups and increase attendance in any one group. Drawbacks include scheduling issues, non-competition with SAHS groups, and most importantly an issue of philosophical shift from the original purpose of these groups as well as a concern that evangelicals may draw back from SBL groups if IBR groups begin running throughout SBL time slots. General agreement on the board was to keep the current format, but to use streams of communication to inform our IBR Research Group leaders and our membership about the view of Research Groups. Action: Lissa connected with Rebekah about newsletter blurb and also in Tremper’s President’s letter. Lissa should also talk with Research Groups about what this means too. Question arising: Moving sessions to make space for dinner? Action: Mark can speak to SAHS to move slightly earlier to give 30 mins earlier. We will need to consider how this impacts the Board meeting as well. Facilities question was answered that we do not provide projection because of costs.


b.     One Year Research Groups

Lissa reported on One Year Research Groups. Board agreed that we will discuss this on an ad-hoc basis as a Board.


c.     Emerging Scholars

Ruth Anne Reese thanking Tremper for reminding people to submit to Emerging Scholars for OT and NT groups. Encouraging Board to connect with their students. If students of ours do go, we could go with them for moral support and debrief.


3.     2017 Sunday Worship Program Update (Jeannine Brown)

a.     Preacher: Sandra Richter, preaching from Ecclesiastes, worship leader: Wendy Porter. Goal with David deSilva and Wendy Porter for every other year for leading this as it works with their schedules. Jeannine will work with IVP and Zondervan for people to read Scripture. Tremper will chair this. Jeannine will find a man to introduce Sandra, potentially someone who knows her. If suggestions or ideas for this person, send to Jeannine. Size of room: last year large room for both of these. Try to get the numbers better matched with room size. David: Will we need projection? Sound? Yes, we will need sound. Action: Jeannine will check with Sandra and Wendy whether either needs projection and will follow up with David. Jeannine will connect with Jessica on the piano part.


4.     2017 IBR UnScripted Update (Jeannine Brown)

Jeannine reported on plans for Unscripted. 2 of 3 confirmed. A few e-mails are still out on the 3rd slot. She will hear by March 20. David Lamb: “Still Blaming the Victim: David and Bathsheba”; Holly Beers: Isaiah’s Servant(s) and Jesus; Title: TBA; either 2 NT or 2 OT last year. Numbers: 100-150 coming recently. We should ask for space for 200. Board agreed that the remote microphone worked well last year and we should do this again. Action: Jeannine will follow up with 3rd position and will follow up with David on projection and sound. Jeannine will send an e-mail to be board when we have the 3rd person. Jeannine will try to find a timing box or iPad app for timing.


5.     Nominating Committee update (Jeannine Brown)

a.     Nominating Committee Guidelines

Jeannine reported that she has been developing guidelines for the nominating committee. She asked the Board whether we should ask people first before nominating them or we should decide as a Board who we want to ask to be on the Board (with potentially a longer list in case someone declines the nomination or the Board wants options.) Board agreed to vote on nominations before contacting people to see their interest in Board leadership. Goal will be to provide an e-mail in August of potential people with option for suggestions and to bring a slate of nominations from the committee by September meeting. Action: Jeannine will write this up as official guidelines to share with the board subsequently. Jeannine will follow up with Tremper on potential term openings and term renewals for 2017.


6.     Newsletter Update (Rebekah Josberger) (Absent, move to next meeting)


7.     Secretary’s Update (Beth Stovell)

a.     Review of Previous Minutes

b.     IBR Assistants: Board discussed the potential of having assistants in training who were outside of the board who potentially could rotate onto the board in the future. Decision by the board was to selectively encourage volunteer participation in part of encourage participation by a younger generation of scholars, but to keep these roles informal. 

c.     Assistant or Student Board Members: A question arose when we created the Student Member category in March 2016 about whether we should include Associate or Student Board members to give insight from these groups to the Board. Board decided to experiment with having an Associate member join the Board at the Saturday Board Meeting in November in Boston. Action: Subcommittee formed with Jeannine, Beth, and Tremper could discuss how we might choose such a person to come.



8.     Young Scholars Program with IRLBR Update (Tremper Longman)

Tremper reported that he has had no contact with IRLBR/Ellis Foundation and does not expect to. Board agrees to live this as it currently stands.  


9.     Treasurers Update (James Mead) (see attachment)

Jim reported on the 2016 financial annual statement. Suggestion: Potential to raise a modest rate hike due to our growing costs. Suggestions: yearly $1 increase or up to $70 or something smaller than $70? Action: Jim and Becky will put forward a proposal in the Fall about this.

Motion: Board approve the 2016 financial annual statement. First and seconded. Approved.

The IBR checking account balance as of March 1st was $22,001.33

The IBR savings account balance as of January 1st was $32,636.24


10.  Membership Committee Update (Beth Stovell)

a.     Update on current membership: See report

b.     New Online Membership Form

a.     Motion: Using New Online Membership Form (JotForm) in place of our current online membership form. Seconded and Approved. Action: Beth and Jessica will move forward with the implementation of this enlisting the assistance of Hampton for web integration.

c.     Voting on new members (see attachments)

a.     All applications for new membership approved.

d.     Membership Discount Initiative: Suggestion from Jeremy Wells at Baker that whichever publisher provides the reception, they would also be able to send out a promotional e-mail in the fall to IBR members. This would rotate with publishers, providing the publisher hosting the reception two opportunities across the year to promote with IBR. Board likes this suggestion. Action: Beth will follow up with Jeremy Wells at Baker and the Marketing representatives at IVP and Zondervan.

e.     2017 IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast

a.     Feedback Survey Results: Beth presented the survey results and asked for suggestions from the Board for future improvements and funding suggestions. Board suggested several key points based on results: 1. Addition of protein to fill out breakfast rather than moving to more expensive plated option. 2. Necessity to include all of our women in whatever funding plan we have. 3. Jim should consider our ability to fund the breakfast as part of his budgeting considerations in our fee increase. 4. Subsidizing the breakfast or supplementing the breakfast at a low cost could help with funding options.

b.     Imago Dei Invitation to Boston: Question: Should we invited grant funders to Boston IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast as they are a Boston based organization. Board Agreed. Action: Beth will follow up with Imago Dei with a formal invitation from the IBR Board.

c.     Future funding: Action: Tremper will make appeal for donations when he writes his newsletter. Board discussed potential for moving this time slot to avoid conflict with Ethnic Minority breakfast. Suggestions: Lunch possibility on Saturday for one of them. Action: Beth will talk with the Ethnic Minority Breakfast about timing conflict.

d.     Scholarship for International Scholars (Moved due to overlap with Subcommittee on Awards below)

e.     Proposal for Majority World Scholar fees (conference and membership) (Moved due to overlap with Subcommittee on Awards below)

Matters Arising: Suggestion related to membership: Action: Beth: Potential membership tool: Targeting for supervisors for students and associates at major evangelical schools.


11.  Ethnic Minority Breakfast (Milton Eng) 

Milton reported: 43 in attendance including several students. Dan Reid spoke. Oscar Padillashared about his experiences. Increased numbers from previous year. Action: Milton will follow up with Danny about this and Milton will follow up with Tremper about what the plans will be once they are in place.


12.  Report on Website (Milton Eng)

Milton reported on updates to the IBR Website including adjustments to the Research Groups pages and a password protected space for papers to be shared.  


13.  Preliminary Report from Committee on IBR App (Milton Eng/Mark Boda) (Action: Move to the September Board meeting).


14.  Preliminary Report from Subcommittee on Awards (James Mead)

Jim reported on the subcommittee: David, Aaron, and Jim.

Update on Scholarships/International scholars

1. We need to clarify what we mean by “international,” whether it’s in terms of citizenship or residency; and how these scholars would relate to the ethnic minority scholar group.

2. We don’t want to create a situation where we involve them only to isolate them in separate program sections.

3. Right now the primary possibilities that involve funding would be (a) offering scholarships to attend the IBR meetings; (b) waive or reduce the membership dues.

4. We’ll discuss these ideas more fully and create a survey tool for the board’s input.

Action: Jim will send this in an e-mail to Beth. Jim will work with Jessica about a Survey Monkey to get Board feedback on this.



15.  BBR Report (Craig Keener)

Craig reported on submissions for 2016. In 2016, 14 cases needed a third verdict. There were 18 accepted (NT: 7; OT:11) and 14 rejected (NT: 9; OT 5). Some are still awaiting a verdict. 2-3 women scholars submissions were accepted; 3 women reviewers in OT and 6 in NT; In terms of ethnic distribution diversity: 3 by Asian descent, 2 from African descent, 1 or 2 from Latin American, 3 from Europe, 2 from Australia. Good range of schools and denominations. Overall around 80 reviews were needed in 2016. In 2017, 7 submitted so far this year for review. While 1 has been accepted and 1 rejected, the others are awaiting final review.


16.  BBR Supplement Report (Richard Hess)

Rick reported on the BBR Supplement Series:

The following volumes appeared at the end of last year:

BBRSup 14 – Daniel Y. Wu, Honor, Shame, and Guilt: Social-Scientific Approaches to the Book of Ezekiel

BBRSup 15 – Dillon T. Thornton, Hostility in the House of God: An Investigation of the Opponents in 1 and 2 Timothy


Several additional manuscripts are in various stages of consideration and editing.  Among these the following are soon to appear:


Patton, Matthew H., Hope for a Tender Sprig: Jehoiachin in Biblical Theology [BBRSup 16] just published

Surls, Austin, Making Sense of the Divine Name in Exodus: From Etymology to Literary Onomastics [BBRSup 17]

Osborne, William R., Trees and Kings: A Comparative Analysis of Tree Imagery in Israel’s Prophetic Tradition and the Ancient Near East [BBRSup 18]  

Imes, Carmen Joy, Bearing Yhwh's Name at Sinai: A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue.

Morales, Nelson R., Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James's Use of the Old Testament.


17.  Discussion on IBR Board Meetings (e.g., length, frequency) (Tremper Longman)

Tremper asked if we had any further suggestions or recommendations to contact him.


18.  Matters arising


Closing Prayer (James Mead)