Board Meeting Minutes - November 18, 2016

IBR Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 18, 2016


1:00 PM to 3:45 PM

Room:Mission A (2nd Level) - Grand Hyatt (GH)


Reminder: Board lunch: 11:30am—12:45pm

The Chart House atop the Tower of the Americas,

601 Tower of the Americas Way, San Antonio, TX  78205


I.     Opening Devotional and Prayer – Tremper Longman

a.    Use of Romans “not by its own will, but by God who subjected it that the creation itself will be liberated…”, reflecting on its relationship to Ecclesiastes and Genesis

II.  Approval of Minutes from the October Board Meeting conference call (see attachment) (Action: Beth will send them out tomorrow to be approved).

III.          President’s Report (Tremper Longman)

a.    Update on board membership 2016

a.    Thanks to Nijay and Danny for their hard work with IBR over the years.

b.   David and Milton have been elected to a second 2 year term. (Milton absent for family emergency)

                                                       i.     David will assume the event coordinator position. Adding an appropriate person to help David.

                                                     ii.     Milton will continue as webmaster and will working with Peter Gurry.

c.    Karen Jobes and Aaron Son:

d.   Becky will be training with Jim Mead in his treasurer role. Jim’s role will be ending in the next year.

e.    Beth will be continuing as the Secretary with her first 3 year term.

b.   Update on IBR Regional Meetings    

a.    David: Past year IBR SW meeting in Dallas in early March, two papers: Doug Cainard and Craig Evans, SW Commission on Religious Studies gives space at no cost, around 27 people at that lecture. Saturday night 8-10pm.

b.   Tremper: Followed up with Brent Sandy about his comment that he was interested in creating a regional group. Tremper asked for a proposal and didn’t hear back. If he sees Brent at the conference, he will try to follow up.

c.    Lanier Library: David: Anyone from IBR leadership to join the lectures. Several have come down. First lecture in Spanish coming. Looking at building more residential facilities for 4-5 more scholars. Wanting something similar to Tyndale House (while unique).

                                                       i.     Follow up in the future with Lanier. Charles Mickey will be at lecture tonight.

c.    Friday Research Groups update (Lissa Wray Beal); see the SBL program book for listings of meetings

a.    Everything in place, 13 groups, plus SAHS, SADS, SACS. All the research groups in the same hotel and same wing. Point people for groups. Jessica taking Milton’s place as point person. Jessica brought additional signage if we needed that. For those interested in doing new groups, direct to Mark or Lissa. Danny is stepping away from Emerging OT Scholars and Rick Hess is taking over for this role.

b.   Action: Tremper will mention this from the front.

c.    Mark reported that our relationship with SBL is good on this count and there would be room for more groups and more diverse times.

d.   Friday evening program Saturday morning program (Mark Boda)

a.    Edith Humphrey, respondents: Ben Blackwell, Michael Gorman. Tremper will introduce Dan after all of the lecture participants have finished and left. Tremper followed up with Dan Reid about the IVP book that is being given out.  Local contact person for audio visual (contact by Nijay): Beth will be point person outside. Mark will make sure there is water available up there. Participating Board members traded cell numbers.

b.   Becky gave instructions on registration this year. Doctrinal statement papers will be available. A status change (Chart): clip board for request of status change. Over two years form. Green light table, Yellow light table. Jessica Boggs will be introduced from the front so they can see her face. Tremper: Makes announcements, mention connection to Lissa and Mark for Afternoon groups,

e.    Women Scholars’ Breakfast (Beth Stovell)

a.    70 women. Beth followed up with Tremper on timing for coming tomorrow.

f.     Minority Scholars’ Breakfast (Danny Carroll/Milton Eng)

a.    Planned for 40, over 30 RSVPs and conversations with others. Young people will be coming. Dan Reid will be speaking. Action (Future): Adjust the date potentially, Switching meal.

g.   Saturday IBR UnScripted program (Jeannine Brown)

a.    Jeannine reported on the IBR UnScriptured. We gave thanks to Rick Hess who stepped in the last minute. Everything is set for this. Jeannine will be there early.

b.   Arising questions on tech. We need to supply the laptop. Both Mark for tonight and Jeannine for Saturday will have their laptops and dongles. Jeannine will grab a remote from either Beth or Mark tonight. Rick sent Jeannine his PP and getting other two on the same machine.

c.    Tremper will announce the two breakfasts and also mention donation option; will mention the three talks for UnScripted. Tremper will include this in his subsequent newsletters.

h.   Sunday morning worship (Jeannine Brown)

a.    David deSilva is leading worship, will bring bulletin, David Pao as preacher, talk on “The Lord of History”, Tremper will do an introduction and do a call to worship. Action: Jessica will be getting the keyboard with an uber. Holly Beers will be helping with unloading this. Stored in storage area. 1 hr early. Will be kept with Jessica in the Grand Hyatt.

i.     Newsletter (Rebekah Josberger)

a.    Becky gave a presentation on the completed newsletter.

IV.Committee Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report (Jim Mead) (see attachment)

a)   IRLBR (scholar’s expense) on the budget was for Katie Hellelfinger; discussion of the expenses related to the Young Scholars Summit

b)   Increase in Jessica Boggs workload

c)    Motion: Adjust wage and hours for administrative assistant from original projections. Nijay: Moved. Jeannine: Seconded.  

d)  Motion: Include Jessica’s flights and coverage for hours for annual meeting in this total as an annual meeting expense.

e)   Passed: Motion 1 and Motion 2: Unanimous agreement.

f)    Action: Beth will follow up with her about joining us for Boston and future meetings.

b. Secretary’s Report (Beth Stovell)

c. Membership Committee (Beth Stovell, Rebekah Josberger)

                  i. Membership numbers (Rebekah Josberger)

         Motion: Allowing students in their fourth year and after of of five year 3+2, so that we are not bringing in Undergrad degree students.

Action: Beth will follow up with Kevin Boyle about him being able to apply in his fourth year of his 3+2.


Membership in all categories was approved with the exception of Kevin Boyle.

ii. Membership benefits (Beth Stovell)  

d. Program Committee: updates for 2017 program (Mark Boda/Jeannine Brown/Lissa Wray Beal)

e. Worship Service: update 2017 (Jeannine Brown)

f. Events Coordinator: updates for 2017 program (Nijay Gupta/David Capes)

g. Website Report and IBR App (Milton Eng)

V.  BBR Report (Craig Keener) (Moved to above Secretary’s Report)

a.    IBR Publications

a.    Elmer Martens’s passing. Start the practice of listing obituaries or death notices? Communicate that on the President’s newsletter. Action: Jessica: Keep a running list of obituaries throughout the year. Tremper will mention this from the front during Friday announcements and we will create a section on the IBR webpage. Action: Craig will send the link to Milton to post on the website. Editorial Assistant, Thomas Lyons: mention this on the BBR description page in the journal

b.   BBR update (Craig Keener)

a.    Suggestions and revisions given on Craig’s BBR Report

c.    BBRSupp Series (Rick Hess)

a.    Rick gave Becky the list of the three books that came out in 2016. At present with Eisenbrauns we have in press: Osbourne: Trees and Kings; Matthew Patton: Jehoachin; Austin Surrel, Making Sense of Divine Name.

VI.         Discussion Items:

a.    Updates to IBR Historical Materials (Beth Stovell/David Capes)

                                              i.     Want to post this on the website. Action: Secretary will do a yearly review of the Brief History. Action: Secretary fill in lacuna of the sheets created by Tremper and Mark

b.   Katie Heffelfinger: Report on the YYS (20 min)

                                              i.     Katie Heffelfinger reported to the board on her experiences with the Young Scholars Summit. Discussion with board ensued on other potential programs that would benefit junior scholars in IBR.

VII.      Matters arising