Board Meeting Minutes - November 19, 2016

IBR Board Meeting

Saturday, November 19, 2016


San Antonio, TX

Room:Conference Room 11 (3rd Level) - Marriott Rivercenter (MRC)


Opening devotions: Tremper Longman

Welcome of new members


1. Majority Scholars Discussion (Beth Stovell, Moderating)

         a.Presentations byRuth Anne Reese on behalf of Langham Partnership and Gene Green, Steve Pardue (in absentia), and K. K. Yeo on behalf of Scripture in Global Context (12:15-12:35)

12:17 to 12:27pm: K. K. Yeo and Gene Green, K. K. shared his history with the board to locate himself in the discussion of Majority Scholars. Both spoke on the need for Western scholars to hear Third World Scholars. They discussed the sessions they have been running and resulting books.

Run two sessions: ETS on Majority World Theology and IBR on Majority World Biblical Scholarship. Goal: To be the catholic church together rather than viewing Majority voices as “advocacy groups”, seeing them as biblical scholars like us. Practical issues: 1. Issue with finding people. 2. Brothers and sisters in Majority World have no sabbaticals, academic year is 11 and a half months long, often full time load and administrators. 3. To be able to come together and talk with one another and here with us in the West is financially prohibitive. Year 1: $3800 to do this. Since then donors have helped facilitate this. What to do: 1. Knowing who is out there and who is available. This is where Langham is key to this. They know the network of international scholars. 2. It is a matter of funding. If you want to bring more Majority World Scholars in, you have to think about the money. SBL will waive their fees. 3. About us: largest task is helping our community to listen, to value, to find joy. Helping our community to be listeners.

Questions from the Board: How often has this met? 5th year with ETS and IBR, 6th year will be last of this structure, but what will do next. 2018 year: exploring a common theme and in 2019 a big party (Books coming out, key timing).

Report from Ruth Anne Reese: Asbury is involved in a variety of global initiatives, spent time with Ian and a whole cohort of Majority World scholars discussing what would it mean for them to participate.

Ian Shaw reported on the Langham Partnership founded by John Stott, focus strengthening scholarship in the Majority World.  

Langham with over 30 monographs (See their exhibit). Started with a project. 12 scholars over 4 years produced 60 articles in books by getting them to work together in the facilities.

Repeated this again with 10 scholars.  Present papers on their research. Each of in the group: 2 research articles, 1 monograph in the course of 2 years. Many of them will be doctoral mentors.

Vision in 2018: all come together and present papers and AAR/SBL is an obvious place to do that.

Action: Discussions for the future on how how IBR could be related to this. Suggestion: IBR could take on something for the Plenary Session and UnScripted day. 6 out of 10 are Bible folks, others topics are theology (historical and systematic). Action: Gene: E-mail about the list of Majority World scholarship bibliography.

Tremper: Any time you have a particular request, we want to hear from you what you need. In terms of 2018, if you think IBR can help you (to Ian), let us know before our next meeting in 2017.


Discussion continued within the board including report from subcommittee on Third World funding and IBR’s savings (led by Jim Mead, David Capes, and Danny Carroll))(12:35-1:00pm)

Suggestions included bringing K.K. Yeo as speaker for 2018 to head up a Majority World theme.

Action:Jim will bring forward a concrete proposal to the board with the subcommittee related to use of funds for Majority World.

Action:Program Committee for 2018 planning: concrete proposals on what this could look like.


Beth presented on protocol for Majority World/Non-Western membership procedure.

Motion to modify the procedure for Majority World/Non-Western. Boda: Seconded. Passed.

Action: Beth: Membership committee will create a motion for comments on fees. (Table this and come back to it for next meeting).



Welcome to Karen Jobes and Aaron Son:



2. Review of Friday/Saturday IBR program

a. Review of Friday afternoon Research Groups (Lissa Wray Beal)

         Well attended, positive feedback about the rooms and set up. OT Prayer Group: Didn’t have podium to make sure that every room has this. Not yet heard of any groups that are not continuing next year. New Group: Early Jewish Christianity (David Sloane and Jack Gibson) Ruth Anne was disappointed that the Emerging Scholars NT supervisors had not shown up.

Action: Beth send list to Rick for Emerging Scholars OT.

b. Review of Friday evening program (Mark Boda)

Mark reported on the Friday evening program. 700 roughly, timing went well, respondents went well, very positive perhaps could be more critical. Reception: more room than last year and great conversations. Problems with sound. Questions about the Newsletter; Put them out for tomorrow morning. Action: Becky: Create a strategy for overhaul of the newsletter and PowerPoint. Sending it out via e-mail. (Thursday), MailChimp rather than physical copy. For PowerPoint: what is happening that weekend rather than everything else.

Action: Tremper will contact Baker earlier and request to know the book sooner.

Arising questions: Investing in an IBR Banner. Table ones and beside the door high.

Action: Jessica will research prices and options on this.

Next year 2017: John Walton, on topic of Lost World of the Torah, David Carr as option.

c. Review of Women Scholar’s Breakfast (Beth Stovell)

         Beth reported on the IBR Women Scholars Breakfast. 70 women in attendance. Tables of OT and NT, etc. good idea, number of young scholars and hopeful and openness at the table. Something that is protein, cheese tray or something else would be helpful. Karen: very important event and very meaningful, big highlight of the year. Seeing how may women are doing biblical scholarship, something exciting about that. Need to make sure that we can afford for everyone who wants to come. Try to assure that any IBR member who wants to be at that breakfast.

Grant funding:

Action: Beth will follow up with Imago Dei to include more young scholars and all of our IBR women. Add to website: Create a “Sponsor a student” to go to the breakfast with a “contact us”.

-Suggestions:List of IBR Women Scholars explicitly sent to women in the IBR. Water alongside other kinds of drinks (juices)More protein options, less breads. More tea. More coffee.

d. Review of Ethnic Minority Scholar’s Breakfast (Milton Eng/Danny Carroll) 43, solid connection

d. Review of IBR Unscripted (Jeannine Brown)

         Great AV, but too big a space for what we needed this time. Good countdown clock, somewhat smaller space. Next year 2017: Sandra Richter would be a good choice, Garwood Anderson, Lawson who couldn’t do it this year perhaps could go next time. Minority or Majority World Scholar?

e. Review of worship service (Jeannine Brown)

         Jeannine reported on upcoming event the following day.. Things seem to be set. David deSilva leading worship piano will be there. Two readers from Baker and Zondervan. Tremper will do the Call to Worship. Action: Jeannine will send the Call to Worship to Tremper.

Next year 2017:  Woman preacher for next year. Potentially alternating pattern for worship leadership, hasn’t heard back, Action: Beth will talk to Wendy Porter about worship leading in 2017.  


3. Secretary Items

a. All board members to sign Conflict of Interest Policy

All signed these forms.


4. Membership Committee

a. Vote on new members (Beth Stovell/Rebekah Josberger)

Beth presented the new members. In all cases Moved and Seconded by Mark Boda and Tremper Longman. All approved tentatively based on receiving CV and recommendations.

5. Matters Arising