Board Meeting Minutes - November 21, 2014

IBR Board Minutes
Friday, Nov 21, 2014
San Diego

Present: Tremper Longman (President), Mark Boda, Danny Carroll, Milton Eng, Nijay Gupta, Katie Heffelfinger, Rick Hess, Carol Kaminski, Craig Keener, Jim Mead, Ruth Anne Reese, Beth Stovell, Cindy Westfall.

Opening devotions: Psalm 131, Tremper Longman

  1. Approval of the Oct. board meeting minutes: approved (Mark/Cindy).
  2. BBR Report: Rick Hess. Rick provided a brief update on the BBR, noting that approximately 40 papers were submitted, with 16 being accepted. He reported that editions 1-3 of BBR have been published, with edition 4 coming out in a few weeks. Rick also provided a report on recent editions of the BBR Supp Series publications. Tremper expressed appreciation on behalf of the board for Rick’s service, and he welcomed Craig Keener to the IBR board.
  3. BBR Editor-in-Chief/Editor of the Supp Series Report: Danny Carroll. Danny provided an update on the subcommittee discussion. The subcommittee recommended that the BBR Editor-in-Chief be responsible for BBR, whereas a separate editor be appointed for the BBR Supp Series. The board thought it would be helpful if the editor of the BBR Supp Series report to the BBR Editor-in-Chief to ensure ongoing communication and collaboration. The board discussed the proposed changes to the by-laws. It was recommended that a sentence be added to make clear that the Editor of the BBR Supp Series would report to the BBR Editor-in-Chief. Danny agreed to bring back a revised document to the board meeting on Saturday. The motion was taken to table the discussion until the Saturday board meeting (Ruth Anne/Mark).
  4. President’s Report: Tremper Longman. Tremper thanked Ruth Anne for her service on the board; he noted that Nijay and Danny have been elected for a second term. He announced David Capes as the new member-at-large. He mentioned that the board needed to submit any recommendations for the position of IBR president and new board members to the nominating committee. Action item: Milton will change the IBR website to reflect the 2015 board members.
  5. Review of 2014 Friday/Saturday morning program: Ruth Anne noted that someone needs to check the rooms for the Friday afternoon program ahead of time; she reported that leaders of the groups will send her a report about their groups, e.g. how many attended, the work being done, etc.; she noted that the emerging scholars group needs support from the board; she encouraged board members to send out notes to faculty at other institutions, reminding them to encourage PhD students to present papers. Ruth Anne reported that she keeps all the files in a Dropbox folder. Action Item: Mark Boda to send the Dropbox link to Jessica Boggs so that she has a record of the documents. The Friday evening and Saturday morning programs were reviewed.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Jim Mead. Jim provided a positive report about the financial health of IBR. He was encouraged by the changes that have taken place in the membership process, since it means that funds are readily available in the account. Jim reported on the income and expenses in 2014, and he proposed a budget for 2015. The board approved the 2015 budget (Jim/Mark).
  7. Secretary’s Report: Carol Kaminski. Carol noted that the transition to the new membership renewal process has worked well. She expressed appreciation for all the work done by Jessica Boggs, who has taken over many of the day to day administrative responsibilities. The board approved a Christmas gift for Jessica, in appreciation for her excellent administrative work done on behalf of IBR. 
  8. Membership Committee Report: Carol Kaminski and Beth Stovell. Carol noted that current IBR membership (as of the 2014 Nov meeting) was at 510 members, comprising of 426 Fellows, 47 Associates, 8 Friends, 20 Retired. Current membership is up from last year’s 479 members (as of the 2013 Nov meeting). Ruth Anne noted that it would be helpful for the board to receive a list of current members prior to the Nov. board meeting. Action item: Carol will ensure that the board receives a list of current members prior to the Nov board meeting. Carol reported that Galaxie is unable to send out renewal notices, so Jessica is going to do this. The board expressed concern that Galaxie is unable to do this. Action Item: Milton will contact Hampton and enquire further about this. Carol raised the question regarding lapsed members. The board was in agreement that if a person’s membership has lapsed more than 2 years, the person is required to begin the entire membership process again. The board agreed that a lapsed IBR member would be sent several reminders, but that one month prior to the 2 year period, the member would be notified that he/she will be required to begin the application process again once the 2 year period had passed. Action item: Carol will ask Jessica to set up this process and draft the reminder notification. Beth noted that the application form online needs to be updated. Action item: Carol and Beth will work on revising the language and bring this to the next board meeting. Ruth Anne raised the question about IBR membership for MA students. The board responded positively to this suggestion. Action item: Carol and Beth will work on a proposal and bring this to the next board meeting. Danny Carroll raised the topic of how we can encourage minorities to be part of IBR. The board agreed that at the Friday evening annual lecture, Danny would mention that he was available to talk about this topic; those interested should meet him immediately after the lecture.
  9. Program Committee update: Mark gave a brief report about upcoming plenary speakers.
  10. Events Coordinator update: Nijay gave a brief report.
  11. Website Report: Milton gave an update on the website. Action items: A. Milton will follow up with Hampton to see if a current list of IBR members can be posted on the website. B. Milton will follow up with Hampton to see if he can generate membership renewal notices. C. Milton will work with Beth and Carol to see if a women scholars’ web page can be set up. D. Milton will work with Hampton to see if the membership application form can include questions about gender, and discipline (OT/NT/Biblical Studies).
  12. Newsletter report: Katie Heffelfinger. The newsletter has been printed, and copies will be available at the membership table.
  13. Worship service, Cindy will give an update about 2015 at the Sat meeting.

Meeting adjourned 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Kaminski
IBR Secretary