Board Meeting Minutes - November 22, 2014

IBR Board Minutes
Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
San Diego

Present: Tremper Longman (President), Mark Boda, David Capes, Danny Carroll, Milton Eng, Nijay Gupta, Katie Heffelfinger, Rick Hess, Carol Kaminski, Craig Keener, Jim Mead, Ruth Anne Reese, Beth Stovell, Cindy Westfall.

Opening devotions: Tremper Longman

  1. Review of Working Groups: Mark and Ruth Anne reported that the Friday afternoon groups were well attended. It was noted that someone will need to go ahead of time to confirm room space/podiums, etc. The issue was raised that the ETS program continues until late Friday afternoon. Action item: Tremper will discuss this with ETS, to see if they can finish their program earlier. Action item: Nijay will make sure that papers are uploaded to the IBR website.
  2. Review of Friday evening program: The board expressed thanks to Craig Keener for his presentation. It was noted that those in the back could not hear properly; reserved seats are also needed at the back of the room; a sign is needed on the door to let people know that non-IBR members are welcome. Carol reported that there were approximately 800 people present for the lecture. The membership table at the entrance of the room worked well. Danny noted that 6-7 people met him afterwards to discuss how IBR can encourage minorities to be part of IBR. Action item: Danny will arrange a breakfast next year with those interested to discuss this issue. The board agreed to cover the expense of the breakfast, provided it is at a local restaurant rather than at the convention center/SBL hotel.
  3. Review of Women’s Breakfast: Carol and Beth reported that the breakfast was received enthusiastically by those who attended (43 women attended). Feedback from the women included the recommendation that women be more visible as IBR speakers. Women would like to see some mentoring take place.
  4. Review of TED talks: Katie reported that the event was well attended and that the speakers followed the guidelines by not using notes. It was noted that the speakers need to make sure that the “big idea” is clearly presented. Overall, the session was received positively.
  5. The motion was put forward that the discussion item tabled at the Friday meeting be taken off the table (Jim/Carol). Danny presented a revised document on the by-laws, which states that the Editor of the BBR supplement series would report to the BBR Editor-in-Chief. Motion: that the board accept the revised by-laws document (Danny/Katie). Action item: Carol will follow up with Jessica to ensure that the proposed changes to the by-laws are incorporated into the IBR by-laws. Motion: “That Rick Hess be appointed for a two year period as Editor of the BBR Supplement Series, as the board transitions to the new BBR structure which comprises of an Editor-in-Chief and an Editor of the BBR Supplement Series” (Danny/Craig). Approved unanimously.
  6. The board voted on a list of new members who applied for membership on Friday evening. The new members were approved. Action item: Carol will send the membership application forms to Jessica. She will request a CV from each person, and she will send them the standard letter from the IBR President, along with information about how to pay their dues.
  7. Discussion with Charles Mickey and David Capes, Lanier Theological Library. The board heard a report from Charles and David about the Lanier Theological Library. The board will continue the discussion with Charles and David, considering possible venues for partnership and collaboration in the days ahead.  
  8. IBR Regional groups: Tremper provided a brief history of IBR regionals, and some of the changes that have taken place over the years. The board heard a brief report from David Capes, who convenes the IBR regional group in March each year during the ASOR/SBL regional meeting. He reported that 15-25 people attend each year. The board anticipates that this will be an ongoing discussion item; concern was expressed by the board that this not require any additional funds or commitments from the IBR board due to the number of other IBR annual events. Action item: A subcommittee was established to give consideration to the issue of IBR regionals. The committee, comprising of Cindy, Milton, and Jim, will report at the spring board meeting.
  9. Matters arising: Tremper noted that as terms of board members are coming to an end, the board needs to submit names of potential candidates to the nominating committee.  

Meeting adjourned 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol M. Kaminski
IBR Secretary