Board Meeting Minutes - October 2, 2017

October 2017 Conference Call Minutes
Institute for Biblical Research
Monday, October 2, 2017
5pm PST/6pm MST/7pm CST/8pm EST

Attendance: Tremper Longman, Beth Stovell, Aaron Son, Karen Jobes, Lissa Wray Beal,Mark Boda,Rebekah Josberger, James Mead, Rick Hess, Jessica Boggs (Late), Milton Eng (Late)

Absences: David Capes, Craig Keener, Jeannine Brown

Opening Prayer (Tremper Longman)

  1. Program 2017 Update: Friday Evening (Mark Boda/Aaron Son/Karen Jobes/David Capes)
    1. Mark reported on the annual lecture and Aaron followed up on reception.
    2. Annual lecture: John Walton speaking on understanding Torah, respondents are in order (Bruce and Myrto)
    3. Baker Academic sponsoring reception: Jim Kinney giving short talk
    4. Biggest issue: Good coordination for audio/visual, Aaron taking over from David for this, asked for price code for all of our meetings, no response yet, it may take a while until we get a response
    5. Friday reception: communicated with Jeremy at Baker, contact person at Westin still working out who will be in charge of our reception, we were assigned a too small room for the reception (only 250), if necessary, we may need to talk with Charles Haws, we need a room up to 800 people with the same room as the lecture. The woman is checking on this. Action: Aaron will follow up with the woman at the hotel.
    6. Jessica confirmed that our numbers for the lecture hall works, but the number for the reception hall currently 500 or so. Gave 800 people for the reception numbers to Baker.
    7. Baker will be putting out a flyer on chairs.
    8. Tremper will be taking the lecturers out for dinner beforehand and take them
    9. Danny Carrol reading Scripture and prayer
    10. Potential Festschrift (Action: Tremper will follow up)
    11. Action: Board will coordinate a person for water, confirming working sound, emergencies, etc. during lunch on Friday.  
  1. Friday Afternoon Research Groups Update (Lissa Wray Beal/Karen Jobes)
    1. Lissa reported that everything is set up.
    2. All groups on the 3rd floor on Copley, but one group is on the 2nd floor  (a seminar so not a problem).
    3. SAHS: Saturday and Sunday in convention center, Global Studies Research Group as well. Two sections this year. Hoping to have them back-to-back with lunch between. This year ETS is in a different city, moving the ones at ETS this year at IBR instead. Avoiding conflict with SADS/SAHS groups.
      1. Does this mean Research Groups on different days? We made an exception for this rather than making this universal.
      2. Overall goal: keep salting IBR members throughout SBL.
      3. If the Global Studies group wants to continue in this spot, we may need to discuss this as a board in the coming year.  
    4. SADS in Sheraton on Friday afternoon.  
    5. Conference coordination: good work on clustering this year.
  1. IBR Unscripted and Sunday Worship Program Update (Jeannine Brown/Karen Jobes)
    1. Mark reported on IBR Unscripted: Meeting Saturday morning, David Lamb, Holly Beers, Roy Ciampa, same format as in the past, audio-visual elements key for this session, lapel microphone and PP projector, Aaron confirmed that we included this in our request
      1. Estimated number between 200-250. Jessica noted that capacity is 450 for that room. We need to confirm that the SBL person has Aaron’s name as a contact person. Action: Mark will send a note to the SBL people that Aaron is replacing David on the list.
    2. Karen reported on Sunday Worship Program: Program set, Scripture readers from Zondervan and IVP, have located a keyboard to rent, Action: Aaron should check if the keyboard can plug into the amplifier for the microphones. Wendy Porter producing the program for this and the music. Room capacity around 600. Jessica will confirm this. Jessica and Jim will pick up the keyboard and return it.
  1.  Nominations Committee (Jeannine Brown)

            Rebekah Josberger reported in place of Jeannine. Board discussed nominations of options for new board member (one opening). Next year is Tremper’s last year. Nominations will deal with a new presidential search.

Action: Beth will work with Nominations committee to get members to vote online for these members.

  1. Newsletter Update (Rebekah Josberger)
    1. Rebekah Josberger reported on the newsletter. Shifting from a physical newsletter to a digital copy. Listing new members during the president’s address. One of the concerns is how do we get the information out ahead of time. Sending material out via e-mail on Thursday. This makes the role easy for transition to next year.
    2. Action: InNewsletter: Lissa having a blurb in the Newsletter describing: What is different from an IBR group compared to an SBL group?
    3. Action: Tremper will talk to Becky, Jessica, and Beth the week before the event. Tremper will also be sending his newsletter to the Board for review.
    4. Action: Mark will have his computer available for this purpose.  


  1. Finances Update (Jim Mead/Rebekah Josberger)
    1. Jim and Becky reported on the IBR finances.
      1. Checking Account:  $25,704.14 
      2. Savings Account:    $34,788.07
      3. For comparison, Oct 2 last year we had $23K, year before $18K, year before $16K
      4. Jessica has worked on the tax exemptions with Massachusetts, Action: Jessica will be looking ahead at other states that we will be using in the future.
      5. Jessica has been talking with Heartland Bank to have Becky as Treasurer. Action (Beth, working with Jessica, Jim, and Becky): Forms signed in November for Becky to take over for Jim.



7. Membership Committee Update and Secretary Update (Beth Stovell)

  1. Current Members and New Member Applications
    1. Reinstatement and Status Change: Year over year statistics
    2. Fellows: Matthew Howard Patton: Mark Boda for additional supporter; Jackson Wu: Move to Friend category (Approved)
      1. ?New Category for Membership, Originally included for publisher friends: Scholarly Friend category: Action: Beth will follow up with this and put a proposal before the Board. Perhaps Scholar Affiliate as a title?
      2. Action (Beth): Add: Title of dissertation as a requirement for application.
      3. All fellows accepted with the adjustment of Jackson Wu to Friend.
    3. Associates: All accepted.
    4. Friend: All accepted.
    5. Students: All accepted.
      1. Action: Add (Beth): degree consistently in the overview.
  2. Member Registration Update
    1. Logos volunteers; Carmen Imes IBR Assistant for Registration
  3. Secretary: IBR Assistants and Portfolio Notes for Board Members:
    1. Action (Tremper and Beth): Request for volunteers: membership tables, amateur photographer, IBR Woman Aide (IBR Women FB page) (Ask that this also go in the Fall President’s Newsletter): Suggestion: Extending specific invitations to Students to do the membership table.
    2. Minutes approved: Suggested revisions: IBR an affiliate of SBL, point 2.



8. IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast (Beth Stovell)

            A. Funding schema and Invitations to Imago Dei Grant funders

                        -Recommended Donations as part of invitation ($5 Student, $10 Associate, $15 Friend/Fellow)

                        -Zondervan Donation

                        -Lunch with Imago Dei Grant funders and they will be joining us for the IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast

                        -Thoughts about other times available? Soliciting e-mail suggestions on this.

                        Action (Beth): Invite women to IBR Unscripted as part of the program.

Action: Tremper will include a donation reminder for both Breakfasts in the Newsletter.


9. IBR Minority Scholars’ Breakfast (Milton Eng)


            Milton reported on this breakfast. Bo Lim will be sharing for 5-10 minutes. Zondervan is coming to represent the one publisher they have each year. Estimating about the same as last year. Around 40-50 people anticipated. Danny Carroll continuing to work with Milton on this project. Action (Newsletter: Tremper): Distribution list can be added to the Newsletter information.


10. Subcommittee reports:

            A. IBR App (Milton Eng/Mark Boda)

                                i. Milton looked at ETS and another organization using Attendify as the App for their conferences.  Charge $1000 per event subscription. It includes social media. SBL has all of our program information in their app. Agreement of IBR Board: too pricy and not worth the cost. Action (Newsletter, Tremper): More education with our IBR members about using the SBL app.

                B. Awards (Jim Mead)

                                i. Jim’s report: Scholarships and support of international scholars in need, no recommendations yet. From our e-mail correspondence: 90% wanted money available for scholarship and dues; source of funding: evenly split and options for partnerships: split. Greater clarity needed for determining who our scholars in need are. More complete report will be available in November.

                C. Assistant Board Members (Tremper Longman/ Jeannine Brown/Beth Stovell)

                                i. Tremper reported on this. We are not yet ready to recommend a student for November. Another matter that we will take up at the November board meeting.


12. BBR Update (Craig Keener)

            Action: Invite Craig to come to both breakfasts to give a short announcement about encouraging BBR submissions for women and ethnic minorities.


13. BBR Supplement Update (Rick Hess)

                Already published in 2017:

Patton, Matthew H., Hope for a Tender Sprig: Jehoiachin in Biblical Theology [BBRSup 16]  


Surls, Austin, Making Sense of the Divine Name in Exodus: From Etymology to Literary Onomastics [BBRSup 17] 


In press and to be published:


At SBL in November:

Osborne, William R., Trees and Kings: A Comparative Analysis of Tree Imagery in Israel’s Prophetic Tradition and the Ancient Near East [BBRSup 18]


In early 2018:

Imes, Carmen Joy, Bearing Yhwh's Name at Sinai: A Reexamination of the Name Command of the Decalogue BBRSup 19

Morales, Nelson R., Poor and Rich in James: A Relevance Theory Approach to James's Use of the Old Testament BBRSup 20

Craig Blomberg is currently NT associate editor for the series. Rick is in process of looking for someone to take his place as Craig retires.

One key way of promoting and encouraging BBR publications (BBR and BBR Supp): pinpointing scholars doing great work to publish these materials. Significant numbers of these volumes from recent PhDs and particularly the emerging scholars has helped us with this. We should encourage people toward publication.

14. Discussion on Board Meetings (Tremper Longman)

            Tremper reported that we need to be open to the fact that we sometimes need to be aware that we sometimes go way over our scheduled time.

15. Matters arising

            Mark reported on talking with SADS about changing the schedule, worked out a shift in the schedule 3:30-5:30pm times for Friday Research Groups.

            Milton reported on working with Hampton to password protect the papers for the IBR afternoon research sessions.  

Closing Prayer: Beth Stovell