Board Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2015

September 2015 Conference Call Agenda Institute for Biblical Research
Monday, September 28, 2015 8:00pm—9:30pm (EST)

Members Present:

Present: Tremper Longman (President), Mark Boda, David Capes, Danny Carroll (excused), Milton Eng, Nijay Gupta (excused), Katie Heffelfinger (excused), Rick Hess, Carol Kaminski, Craig Keener (excused), Jim Mead, Beth Stovell, Cindy Westfall.

Tremper read from Psalm 127 and opened in prayer.

1. Program 2015 Update (Mark Boda)

- Tremper gave a program update based on his communication with Nijay; he reported that everything is progressing well. Mark reported that the annual lecture is on course, Craig Bartholomew is the plenary speaker, with Sandy Richter and Tom Wright giving responses. Milton will read Scripture; Mark will introduce the speaker. If any needs arise, the Board was encouraged to contact Nijay directly.

- Tremper also reported that the Young Scholars Summit group has produced a book; Randy Richards will talk about the book, and a free copy will be given to IBR members.
2. Saturday Morning Program Review (Mark Boda)
-IBR Unscripted, presenters: Peter Enns, Ruth Anne Reese, and Scott Hafemann. Katie Heffelfinger will be presiding over this session. (9:00 AM to 11:30 AM; Room: A602 (Atrium Level) - Marriott)

-The 2015 IRLBR Young Scholars’ Summit participants will present in the afternoon session (Saturday, November 21; 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM; Room: 207 (Level 2) - Hilton).
- Milton suggested that we could video IBR Unscripted, and put it on our website.
- An issue was raised whether we could do this ourselves, or whether we would be required to use the hotel services, which is more expensive. Carol will email Nijay to ask him about this; other board members will check with their contacts to let Mark know if they know of someone who could do the video. Milton noted that photos are also needed for our website; Mark will check with his students to see if he can find someone to take photos.

3. Friday Afternoon Research Groups Update (Beth Stovell)

-11 research groups; 1 of these groups is new: OT Theology of Prayer; besides our previous relationship with Scripture and Hermeneutics, there will be another collaboration with the Paideia Center: Scripture and Doctrine session.
-Beth raised the issue of posting papers on the Internet, and especially issues related to copyright laws. The suggestion was made that if the pdf links were accessible by password only, this would limit public access.

-Milton will check with Hampton to see if the papers can be password protected.
-The research groups are at 3 different hotels this year, which raised complications. Mark and Nijay will be assisting to help groups in the additional hotels. Beth will be making signs for the doors.
- For 2016, we have a new IBR Research Group: Ecological Ethics and Biblical Studies: led by two IBR

Associates: Alexander Breitkopf and Alexander Stewart, and sponsored by Mark Boda.
- Beth raised the question whether a person leading a group should be a fellow. Discussion ensued. The board agreed that it is preferable to have a fellow leading or at least sponsoring the research group. Beth will prepare some language for our website; she will send this to Carol, who will distribute it to the board for review and approval.


4. Sunday Worship Program Update (Cindy Westfall)

-Theme: “Welcoming the Stranger and our Vocation.” Danny Carroll will be the preacher.
-Wendy Porter will be leading worship this November. This will likely be her last year so we will need to find a new worship leader for next year.
-David DaSilva will be available for worship in the future.
-Cindy has made contacts for preachers in the future. She will pass on these contacts to the person who is taking over from her on the board. She noted that the room is all set up.

5. Newsletter Update (Katie Heffelfinger, excused)


Katie provided a written note to the board: As we have done the past few years, I will be putting together our newsletter in both a print version and ppt slides. Please send updates and reports you would like included in the newsletter by 31 October at the latest. Last year we had reports on the Emerging Scholars Program, the Friday research groups, Scripture and Hermeneutics Group partnership, BBR and the Women’s Breakfast. If there are new developments or updates from any of these groups, or especially if a group was not featured last year, please send along something you would like to have included in the


-Mark Boda will be bringing his computer (mac) for running slides related to IBR news.

6. Finances update (Jim Mead)

David Capes will find out if any other lawyers might be available in the future.
-Check from Imago
Dei Fund for the women’s breakfast will be arriving soon.
-Some money will be set aside for the IBR Ethnic Minority
scholars’ breakfast (see below).

7. Membership Committee Update (Carol Kaminski)

-Carol noted that we currently have just over 500 current members, and that in Feb 2015 we had approximately 400 members, plus we had 130 members who had not renewed.
-Current 500 members, just 10 members since June 1 who have not renewed their membership; over the past year 83 members have not renewed their membership.

-She noted that we have made a good transition to rotating membership. -Male/female stats: the end 2013: 7.7% women members, now 11% women members

8. IBR Women Scholars’ Breakfast (Beth Stovell)

-Beth reported that the invitation has been sent; Beth has contacted our three main publishers, who will be attending; each publisher will be giving a free book to our attendees.
-Beth will be talking to the new board members about making sure that they attend the breakfast.
-The format will be similar to last year.

-We discussed plans for long term sustainability of the breakfast. We have funds for 45 people this year and have funding for 2016; Carol will contact the Imago Dei Fund to ask about potential funding beyond the three-year period and the Membership team will explore additional funding options for future years.

9. IBR Minority Scholars’ Breakfast (Milton Eng)

-Danny and Milton have sent out invitations to the breakfast.
-10-11 Hispanic Americans have been identified; 4-5 will be at the breakfast. -25 Asian/Asian Americans have been identified; about 10 have responded -1 African American

- Jim reported that our current account balances are as follows: $18,264.75 (checking) and $32,452.64


(savings). At this time last year those accounts had $16,857.64 (checking) and $30,475.71 (savings). We


are staying within our 2015 budget projections in spite of the unforeseen expense of the trademark and

logo renewal ($1,562.50).


-15-20 attending the breakfast; Nijay has found a room; Jessica will help with the catering. -Zondervan has contacted Milton about the possibility of participating in the breakfast.
Motion: Jim put forward a motion that the board approve funding up to $700.00 for the breakfast (Jim Mead/Cindy Westfall). The board approved this unanimously.
-Tremper is willing to cover additional cost of $200-300 if there is a shortfall.

10. BBR update (Craig Keener, excused; see attached report)

-Craig has had a conversation with Tremper about current editorial needs; Craig noted a higher prevalence of NT submissions. Three new NT reviewers were added to keep up with the work.
-Rick noted that there have been more NT submissions than OT in the past; he is not surprised by the number of NT submissions.
-Tremper noted that we also have more NT IBR members than OT members.
-Tremper will follow up with Craig about our discussion at the board meeting.

11. BBR Supplement update (Rick Hess)

Rick reported that the following two volumes are forthcoming:

M. Daniel Carroll R and J. Blair Wilgus, eds., Wrestling with
the Violence of God: Soundings in the Old Testament
(BBR Supplement 10, Eisenbrauns).

Gary G. Hoag, Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and the First Letter to Timothy: Fresh Insights from Ephesiaca by Xenophon of Ephesus (BBR Supplement 11. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns).

12. IBR book promotion with main publishers (Carol Kaminski)
has contacted our three main publishers about the possibility of offering special book discounts to our IBR members. They have responded enthusiastically. Carol will be working with Tremper to set up a meeting with them at SBL.

13. Website Upgrade (Milton)

-Milton has contacted Hampton, who is setting up the website so that IBR members can search for colleagues; it will probably be ready in a few weeks.
-Once a member is logged in to the website, they will be able to search the website and look at the IBR member profile, which will include information such as gender, ethnicity, school, OT/NT, expertise, photo, etc. The board will need to do a test-run before it released.

13. Matters arising

-Tremper provided three areas of continued follow up: 1. Future of IRLBR Young Scholars Summit, discussions with IRLBR to follow; 2. Future with Lanier Library; 3. Follow up via e-mail with membership committee about distribution of IRLBR Young Scholars Summit to members at 2015 conference.
-SBL affiliate status application is still pending.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, Carol Kaminski
IBR Secretary