The Book of the Twelve Prophets in Biblical Scholarship

The “Book of the Twelve Prophets in Biblical Scholarship” group focuses on synchronic approaches to the study of the Book of the Twelve/Twelve Minor Prophets. This year we will continue to explore the theme of “Empire, Power, and Politics in the Twelve.” For more information, please contact Beth M. Stovell (, George Athas (, Daniel Timmer ( or Colin M. Toffelmire (

Room TBD

  • Beth Stovell, Ambrose University College and Seminary, Welcome (5 min)
  • Daniel Somboonsiri, Wheaton College
    Micah 3:9–4:12 as Social Imagination (25 min)
  • Discussion (5 min)
  • David Fuller, McMaster Divinity College
    Habakkuk as ‘Hinge’ between Nahum and Zephaniah: Thematic Connections and Editorial Arrangement (25 min)
  • Discussion (5 min)
  • George Athas, Moore Theological College
    One God and One Nation: The Unity of Israel in the Face of Imperial Politics and Internal Division (25 min)
  • Discussion (5 min)
  • Roundtable Discussion (25 min)

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