Early Christian Judaism

2020 Call for Papers

“Is Hindsight Really 2020?” is our 2020 theme. The act of looking backwards through church history to confirm contemporary practices and beliefs is a methodological decision that carries with it numerous assumptions that influence our interpretation of the NT and later literature.

We invite papers that relate in any way to our general research group description, but we will prioritize papers that critically engage:

  1. significant “problem texts” in the NT to reading the NT “within Judaism.” These papers may demonstrate the ways in which “problem texts” have been (mis)used to support a “Christianity vs. Judaism” narrative and/or provide a compelling interpretation of the “problem text” that makes sense “within Judaism.”
  2. problematic assumptions and/or methodologies that under gird “Christianity vs. Judaism” narratives. These papers may demonstrate ways in which certain assumptions have been used to support a “Christianity vs. Judaism” narrative and/or critique the assumption in question while offering a different starting point.
  3. the ways in which Jewish modes of following Jesus, or engagement in Jewish practices, were considered to be heretical. These papers may examine things like: Who is making the judgment? Where geographically is this judgment made? Who is supposedly or actually represented by such a judgment? What is the motivation for this judgment? And what are the merits for validity/invalidity of such a judgment?

Because we value the perspectives and voices of everyone, our research group warmly invites submissions from women and minorities. Please submit proposals by Feb. 28 to David Sloan (david@davidbsloan.com) and Ben Snyder (ben.snyder@asburyseminary.edu). Note that papers will be distributed to our mailing list before the conference and therefore will need to be submitted by October 31.

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