Emerging Scholarship on the Old Testament

The IBR Emerging Old Testament and New Testament Scholars’ sessions will be held again at the IBR meetings in November. Nominations and papers for the 2019 Emerging Scholars session will be due on March 8, 2019.

Ph.D. Supervisors, Examiners, and Colleagues – Please consider nominating your best Ph.D. student or a recent Ph.D. graduate (within 5 years of completion) for a presentation at our Emerging Scholars sessions on the Friday afternoon before the plenary IBR lecture. Even if you were not directly involved but know of a recent and outstanding Ph.D., you may nominate that person. If accepted, the nominator must be present at the Friday afternoon presentation of the scholar’s paper. If the nominator is unable to attend, they may arrange for another senior scholar to stand in for them.

Ph.D. students and recent graduates – Please consider contacting your supervisor about nominating you for this significant opportunity to present a paper as an emerging scholar. Take advantage of this opportunity to present a paper before a sympathetic, yet critical, audience, and to engage in serious dialog with other scholars where your voice is heard. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. OT Nominations and papers should be sent to Rick Hess (rick@densem.edu) and NT Nominations and papers should be sent to Ruth Anne Reese (ruthanne.reese@asburyseminary.edu). Note that those who have already presented in the OT or NT sessions cannot present a second time in either session; nor should the same person apply to both sessions in the same year.