Chair, Graduate Program in Theology Department

In by Christina Embree

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  • Bethesda University Mission Statement remains the foundational document regarding the theological position of the University. Bethesda University’s missions statment is the bleow:
  • Bethesda University is Christ-centered community of higher education which aims to prepare students with the academic knowledge, professional skills and spiritual values to become servant leaders in global society.
  • Prospective and existing employees must affirm that their personal theological beliefs are in agreement with the Bethesda University Mission Statement.


  • 10 Years, Ph.D. or equivalence


  • At least 3 years of administrative experience; however, amount can vary with educational background.

TRAINING TIME (for new person on this job to meet full job requirements)

  • 3 months on-the-job training to learn details of job and 1/2 year required to perform job with minimum supervision.

The Chair/Dean of Graduate Programs in cooperation with the Chief Academic Officer is charged with:

  • ·         Faculty recruitment, development, evaluation, status
  • ·         Curriculum development, evaluation, and management
  • ·         Student recruitment (advisory to admissions), advisement, and retention
  • ·         Academic policy

The Chair/Dean of the Graduate Programs is directly responsible to the Chief Academic Officer and has general responsibility for the coordination of all phases of the Instructional Program.  The Dean’s functions appear in the following job description:

Purpose of this position

  • The Graduate Chair’s chief responsibilities are to support the President by carrying out the delegated authority (1) to meet the objectives and mission of school and (2) to produce equipped students as Christian leaders. Through delegation under the President, the Graduate Dean develops the Graduate School’s mission to insure that its mission and general objectives will be met.

Summary of Duties

  • ž     Attend all required meetings and official ceremonies that arise, including but not limited to the Regular Faculty meeting, New Student Orientation, Commencement, etc.
  • ž     Supervise the program, maintaining its size and structure in accordance with the program’s strategic plan and vision
  • ž     Serve as the primary contact for the students during their enrollment in the program
  • ž     Manage and coordinate the logistics of the program
  • ž     Assist in maintaining accurate records on the students
  • ž     Develop and manage the budget of the program
  • ž     Foster improvement in the program on an ongoing basis through curriculum design, cultivating qualified personnel, and maintaining positive interaction between the students and the broader theology department
  • ž     Being an advocate for and recruit students to the program
  • ž     Provide academic advising and mentoring to the students
  • ž     Schedule courses for each semester for the Chief Academic Officer’s approval
  • ž     Participate in the university’s ongoing self-study and long-range planning as required for accreditation

This list is not exhaustive of Employee’s expected job duties.  Employee is required to perform all of their necessary job functions and duties, and all other duties that may be assigned to Employee from time to time by Bethesda University.  Bethesda University expects Employee to work towards the betterment of Bethesda University and its students.  This will likely involve engaging in principal duties not specifically listed above.


Overall Faculty Responsibilities

The following are areas that Bethesda University expects all faculty to maintain responsibility for.  These areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ž     Support the university’s mission
  • ž     Conduct classroom instruction to the highest in professional and Christian standards
  • ž     Maintain and update the records of students’ academic progress
  • ž     Attend institutional and faculty committee meetings and participate in official ceremonies where the faculty is presented as part of the university, such as graduation, convocation, concerts, student orientation, etc.
  • ž     Be available to counsel students on academic matters and student life.  This includes mentoring students in a group setting as well as individually
  • ž     Define academic programs’ curricula, and evaluate/change existing programs in consultation with the Chief Academic Officer
  • ž     Conduct research in Employee’s respective disciplines to keep informed of current scholarship
  • ž     Participate in chapel as directed by the President and Chair of Student Affairs
  • ž     Submit all reports as required by the Chief Academic Officer and President
  • ž     Know and understand the academic policies as published in the catalog, faculty handbook and student handbook
  • ž     Cultivate a sense of community between students and faculty that will promote a lifestyle consistent with Christian character and vital for effective Christian ministry

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