Membership FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions about IBR Membership

  1. What is IBR and who should apply?
    The Institute for Biblical Research (IBR) is an organization of evangelical Christian scholars with specialties in Old and New Testament and in ancillary disciplines. Its vision is to foster excellence in the pursuit of Biblical Studies within a faith environment.
  2. What are the categories of membership and what do they mean?
    There are currently five categories of membership:
    1. Fellows: Scholars with a Ph.D. or Th.D. in an Old or New Testament specialty, or in an ancillary non-theological discipline (e.g., Near Eastern Studies, Intertestamental Studies).
    2. Senior Fellows: Scholars accepted into membership as Fellows, who subsequently choose to become Senior Fellows (voting, participating members without eligibility to serve as officers or directors).
    3. Associates: Ph.D. or Th.D. candidates in an Old or New Testament specialty.
    4. Friends: Those other than biblical scholars (e.g., philanthropists, publishers, those in wider theological disciplines) concerned to promote the purposes of IBR.
    5. Student Members: Master’s-level students in an academic field of biblical study.  Membership is annually renewable.  Student Members may participate in meetings, but do not have voting rights.
  3. What is the “confessional basis” and do we have to sign it?
    The IBR confessional basis is provided on the second page of our application form.  A prospective member’s signature on the application form indicates “agreement with the purpose and orientation of the Institute for Biblical Research as stated herein,” which includes personal agreement with the confessional affirmations of the IBR.
  4. Who starts the membership process? 
    The membership candidate starts the membership process by completing an application form and submitting it to, along with a one-page, electronic version (Word doc or PDF) of his or her curriculum vitae.
  5. What do I need to send in and how do I send it?
    Send a completed application form and a one-page, electronic (Word doc or PDF) version of your current curriculum vitae via email to  (Alternatively, you may submit these required documents via mail to: IBR, P.O. Box 23273, Overland Park, KS 66283.)
  6. How many references do I need?
    Candidates for Fellow need the signatures (or email endorsements) of two current IBR Fellows.  Candidates for Associate, Friend, or Student Member need only one.
  7. What will happen after I apply?
    Completed applications are processed by the IBR’s Administrative Assistant, which includes verifying electronic endorsements, if necessary.  All pending, completed applications are submitted in a batch to the board for consideration at their next scheduled meeting.  (Meetings are typically held every 8 weeks.)  After an application has been approved by the board, the IBR’s Administrative Assistant will contact all applicants to extend the president’s formal welcome and to describe the next steps.  (Following acceptance, new members must login to the IBR website and pay their annual dues to activate their membership.)  To inquire about the status of your pending application, please contact Jimmy Roh at
  8. When and how do I pay my IBR fees?
    IBR dues are paid online at  All members are given an online username and password upon acceptance into membership.  New passwords can be requested here
  9. What do I do if my membership has lapsed?
    If your membership lapsed less than 2 years ago, you need only to pay your dues for the current year.  If your membership has lapsed for 2 years or more, current IBR policy requires you to reapply for membership.  Applications are available here.
  10. What do I do if I have forgotten my username and/or password?
    Typically, a member’s username is Firstname.Lastname (e.g., John.Doe), unless the member has changed this default format.  Alteratively, you may login using your email address in the place of your username, but you must use whichever email address you provided to us.  If these are not successful, please contact the IBR’s Administrative Assistant at  To request a new password, click here and enter your username or email address; the system will automatically generate a new password and send it to you.  If this does not work, please contact Jimmy Roh at