Old Testament Theology of Prayer

The Old Testament Theology of Prayer research group explores Old Testament prayers and texts related to prayer to discern what these texts reveal about Israel’s covenant relationship with the God of Israel, and how such texts can speak to global Christian communities. Building on the foundations of the newly published book, Praying with Ancient Israel: Exploring the Theology of Prayer in the Old Testament (ACU Press, 2015), this year's session engages the recorded prayers of ordinary people, including the marginalized. For further information, contact Phillip Camp (phillip.camp@lipscomb.edu) and Elaine Phillips (Elaine.Phillips@gordon.edu).

Elaine Phillips, Gordon College, Presiding

Sheri L. Klouda, Taylor University
The Literary Dependence of the Prayer of the King’s Cupbearer (Neh 1:4-11) on the Prayers of Moses (Ex 32-34), and Why It Matters (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

David G. Firth, Trinity College, Bristol
Getting it Wrong but Getting it Right: Joshua's Prayer in Joshua 7 (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Break (5 min)

Phillip G. Camp, Lipscomb University
The Prayers of Women in Old Testament Narratives: A Theological Exploration (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

General Discussion

Discussion (25 min)