The Pentateuch

Exploring the five books of Moses through historical background, diachronic and synchronic studies, and theological interpretation, with particular attention given to integrating these methods toward a better understanding of the Pentateuch itself or the role of the Pentateuch in Biblical Theology. Contact Todd Patterson, and Michael Cox,

Todd Patterson, Matej Bel University, Presiding

Michael Cox, Trinity International University, Presiding

Todd Patterson, Matej Bel University, Welcome (5 min)

Josef Sykora, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College
Judah's Rewriting of Israel's Tradition: The Composition of Genesis 37-50 and the Concept of Election (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Benjamin J. Noonan, Columbia Biblical Seminary
High-Handed Sin and the Promised Land: The Rhetorical Relationship between Law and Narrative in Numbers 15 (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Break (5 min)

Marina Hofman Willard, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Understanding Violence and Divine Activity in Exodus in the Context of the Midwives' Narrative in Exodus 1 (20 min)

Discussion (10 min)

General Discussion

Discussion (20 min)