A Pneumatic Hermeneutic: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Biblical Interpretation

The purpose of this research group is to provide a diverse professional forum to examine the role of the Holy Spirit in hermeneutics and biblical scholarship. These meetings will examine various approaches throughout the history of biblical scholarship and the reception of Scripture pertaining to the work of the Holy Spirit in interpretation. For information contact Beth Stovell (bstovell@ambrose.edu), Ron Herms (ron.herms@fresno.edu), Archie Wright (awright@regent.edu), and Kevin Spawn (kspawn@regent.edu).

Archie Wright, Regent University, Presiding

J. Richard Middleton, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College
The Dynamics of Responsible Biblical Interpretation: Toward a Creational Pneumatic Hermeneutic (25 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Blaine Charette, Northwest University (Washington)
Insight as a Characteristic of S/spirit in the Gospel of Mark (25 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Craig Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary
Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading with Faith (25 min)

Discussion (10 min)

General Discussion

Discussion (15 min)