The Relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament

This study group explores various themes related to the nature of the relationship between the Old Testament and New Testament and their function as Christian Scripture independently and inter-textually. A scholarly approach is applied to both traditional and trendy views.

The theme of the next meeting of the OT/NT Relationship Study Group of IBR is “The Continuation and/or Discontinuation of National Israel according to the OT and NT.” It will revolve around the fulfillment of the OT promises regarding the return and renewal of Israel after its defeat and deportation. We want to explore (hopefully in some ground-breaking manner) questions such as: Are the OT promises conditional, unconditional or a mixture? Has this return “to the land” already happened or is it yet future? If already fulfilled, when? In OT or post-OT/NT times? If not, why? Is the fulfillment national or spiritual? Does so-called “Replacement Theology” need to be replaced? Is it exegetically defensible or not? Does any view deserve the indictment “anti-Semitic?” How does Messianic Judaism fit or not fit the nature of the NT churches or what Jesus called “my church” he would build?

We are making an open call for papers related to these concerns. We will choose 3–4 of these submissions for presentation and discussion. We are looking for exegetical more than theological or historical approaches. Paper proposals should be sent to both Creig Marlowe ( and Gareth (Gary) Cockerill ( by February 28, 2019.

Sample themes

The Promised New Israel of the OT was/is/will be Fulfilled 

1. Nationally

            1.1 Under Persia

            1.2 In 1948

            1.3 In the Future before the New Heaven and Earth

            1.4 In the Future after the New Heaven and Earth

2. Spiritually

            2.1 Supercessionism is Responsible Exegesis

            2.2 Supercessionism is Irresponsible Exegesis