Research Groups 2019

Welcome to the IBR Research Groups!

IBR is delighted to facilitate the research of our membership by providing space and promotion of research groups created by our members. These unique groups function differently than typical conference groups, serving as working groups to gather communities of scholars around particular research interests for several years.

How they work

Sponsored by IBR members, each group runs for an initial three-year period, affording an opportunity to consider topics from various perspectives. For this reason, while anyone is welcome to visit one or several groups, we encourage commitment to one group to maximize collegial research. Often, the work of a group results in a published volume of essays.

Each group elects how best to approach their topic of interest and not every group issues a call for papers in any given year. Instead, a group may engage invited papers, panel discussions, or other avenues to best engage a topic.

Below you will find a list of the Research Groups; click on a group of interest to find group descriptions, any calls for papers, and contact information for group moderators. Feel free to contact moderators for further information, or plan to attend a group at our November Annual Meeting.

More questions? Read our Research Groups FAQ.

Start a new group

If you have an idea to begin a group with a new focus, please contact Carmen Imes, our Research Groups Coordinator (, or Lissa Wray Beal, our Program Secretary (

Emerging scholars

You will also find here the Emerging Old Testament/New Testament Scholars groups. These groups provide emerging scholars engaged in fresh research an opportunity to present their work and receive valuable feedback from senior scholars and mentors. These two groups engage a new group of scholars every year, so please consider nominating one of your students. Contact information, nomination details, or how emerging scholars can connect with the group are found under the Emerging Scholars tabs below.

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