Scripture and Church Seminar

Theme for 2019: “Communicating the Kingdom” 

Under this banner we will invite papers and moderate a panel discussion on the following sub-topics, with their associated questions:

  1. Hearing the Gospel of the Kingdom: What does the gospel of the Kingdom have to say to the twenty-first century church? At what points do Jesus’s kingdom parables, discourses and signs offer encouragement and sustenance to a struggling post-Christendom church? At what points do they disrupt and destabilise the order that we have constructed or inherited?
  2. Proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom: How are we to convey the meaning of Jesus’s Kingdom proclamation and its present implications, within a contemporary context in which notions of kingdom and kingship are alien to the experience of many, and there is deep and widespread suspicion of authority claims and totalizing narratives?
  3. Dramatizing the Gospel of the Kingdom: How should the liberating incursion of the Kingdom of God be demonstrated and dramatized in the conduct of contemporary Christians and in the shape of our churches and the various other institutions that we create and maintain?

Group coordinators

Dr. Bill DeJong, chair (


Dr. Susan Bubbers (The Center for Anglican Theology, Liturgy, And Spiritual formation, Inc.)
Dr. Dru Johnson (The Kings College, New York City)
Dr. Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario)
Dr. Bill DeJong (Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario
Dr. Michael R. Wagenman, chair (Western University, London, Ontario)
Church Members as Dual Citizens of Kingdom and State
Genevieve Wedgebury (The Kirby Laing Institute for Theological Ethics, Cambridge, UK)