Scripture and Church Seminar (SACS)


The Scripture and Church Seminar (SACS) is a new seminar that will explore the interface between Scripture and the church, covering the terrain that is normally referred to as Practical Theology. This year there will be a two-hour discussion session for interested parties and then in 2017 the first full session will take place. For further information contact the moderator, Craig Bartholomew, or see The SAHS/SADS/SACS dinner will take place at 7:30 PM, contact Gillian Fernie for details at


Sunday, November 20
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: 221B (2nd Level - East) - Convention Center (CC)

Craig Bartholomew, Redeemer University College, Presiding

Discussion (120 min)

Break (30 min)