Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS)


The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS) focuses on the intersection of Scripture and Doctrine. It explores how Scripture leads to the formulation of doctrine and how doctrine illuminates our reading of the Bible. The SADS committee consists of Kevin Vanhoozer, Scott Hahn and Craig Bartholomew. For further information contact Craig Bartholomew ( and see The Seminar is a joint venture between the St. George’s Centre for Biblical and Public Theology and the St. Paul Centre for Biblical Theology. The SAHS/SADS/SACS Dinner will take place on Saturday at 7:30 PM. Contact Gillian Fernie for details at


Friday, November 18
1:00 PM to 3:45 PM
Room: Lone Star F (2nd Level) - Grand Hyatt (GH)

Divine Action and Hebrews: The Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus

Benjamin Quinn, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Presiding

Benjamin Quinn, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Introduction

Craig Bartholomew, Redeemer University College and Luke Stamps, California Baptist University
Context Setting Introduction (5 min)

Andrew Pinsent, Oxford University
The Second-Person Perspective on Divine Action in Hebrews (20 min)

Amy Peeler, Wheaton College (Illinois)
A Fearful Thing to Fall Into the Hands of a Living God: Divine Action In Human Salvation (20 min)

Alan Torrance, University of St. Andrews
What does the Continuing Priesthood of Christ tell us about the Doctrine of God? (20 min)

Mary Healy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary
The Holy Spirit and Christ’s Ongoing Priesthood in Hebrews (20 min)

Break (10 min)

Panel discussion, with Scott Hahn, Franciscan University of Steubenville, joining the panel

Discussion (55 min)