Suffering, Evil, and Divine Punishment in the Bible

The focus of this research group is the Bible’s treatment of suffering, evil, and divine punishment, especially their interrelation. This includes all aspects of these topics as found in Scripture. Paper proposals that address any aspects of suffering, evil, or divine punishment are welcome, but this first year, papers focused on the suffering of the innocent or righteous are especially invited. For further information, please contact Kenneth D. Litwak Kenneth.litwak@asburyseminary.eduand Daniel Timmer


Kenneth Litwak, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Mill Valley), Presiding

Kenneth Litwak, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Mill Valley), Introduction (5 min)

Richard Schultz, Wheaton College (Illinois)
Suffering as Divine Punishment in the OT Wisdom Books: Is There a Shared Perspective? (20 min)

Heath Thomas, Oklahoma Baptist University, Respondent (5 min)

Nathan Chambers, University of Durham
God’s Grandeur and the Groaning of Creation: Is There Suffering Intrinsic to Creation? (20 min)

Helene Dallaire, Denver Seminary, Respondent (5 min)

David Starling, Morling College
‘Killed All Day Long’: Psalm 44:22 in Romans 8:36 (20 min)

Robbie Castleman, John Brown University, Respondent (5 min)

Dr. Scott Harrower, Ridley Melbourne
God, horror and meaning (20 min)

Kevin Anderson, Asbury University, Respondent (5 min)

Discussion (15 min)