Theology of Prayer in the Old Testament

This IBR research group will not be meeting in 2019

The Old Testament Theology of Prayer research group will continue to explore Old Testament prayers and texts related to prayer to discern what these texts reveal about Israel’s covenant relationship with the God of Israel, and how such texts can speak to global Christian communities. Building on the foundations of the newly published book, Praying with Ancient Israel: Exploring the Theology of Prayer in the Old Testament (ACU Press, 2015), the papers in past sessions have dealt with the prayers of kings, priests, prophets, other leaders within Israel, and women in Israel. Looking forward to the final year of the research group, in 2019 we will focus on prayers that arise out of suffering, pain, and injustice.

For further information, contact Phillip Camp ( and Elaine Phillips (

Process of Submission and Group Interaction

All proposals must be submitted to Phillip Camp ( and copied to Elaine Phillips ( by February 28. A maximum of four proposals will be selected by March 15. Authors will then be asked to submit their papers to Phillip (copied to Elaine) by October 15. The papers will be posted on the IBR website.

During the session itself at the annual meeting, rather than simply reading a paper, presenters will give a 15-minute overview of the major points and discoveries in their papers. This presentation will be followed by a period of discussion on the paper.