Tyndale House

Tyndale House is an international home for biblical research located in Cambridge, England. Along with its residential, world-class Biblical studies library, Tyndale House offers many digital resources, from full-text versions of the Tyndale Bulletin to software for biblical studies such as the Tyndale House Toolbar. To learn more about Tyndale House, visit tyndale.cam.ac.uk.

Here is a letter from Lee McDonald, Past President of IBR, on Tyndale House

Dear IBR Colleagues,

As most of you know, the inspiration for the Institute for Biblical Research began with the scholarly fellowships that were initiated by the Tyndale House. Our relationship with the Tyndale House over the years has been a very good one from our beginning and we have appreciated the cooperation that we have with them in carrying out our mutual mission, namely the advance of biblical research within an evangelical or confessional context.

My first visit to the Tyndale House was in 1972 when I attended the New Testament Seminar in the summer led by F. F. Bruce. I have visited several times since then and have always been extended every courtesy . This is an excellent place to go for a sabbatical leave and it is almost impossible to parallel the many resources available in Cambridge. Tyndale House's collection of biblical resources and facilities are envious and their proximity to the University Library and other resources in that area makes Tyndale a unique place that enhances both biblical research and fosters collegiality among biblical scholars.

Do check out their web site and you will be impressed with all the resources that they make available for biblical research.

In Christ's service,

Lee Martin McDonald
President, Institute for Biblical Research
February 2, 2010