The Institute for Biblical Research, Incorporated (IBR) is an organization of evangelical Christian scholars with specialties in Old and New Testament and in ancillary disciplines. Its vision is to foster excellence in the pursuit of Biblical Studies within a faith environment. The achievement of this goal is sought primarily by organizing annual conferences, conducting seminars and workshops, and by sponsoring academic publications in the various fields of biblical research. IBR's conferences, seminars and workshops are open to the public and its publications are available for purchase.

The Board of the IBR is pleased to announce that Lynn Cohick will be our new president effective this November. She will become provost/dean at Denver Seminary beginning this July 1st after teaching for many years at Wheaton College as professor of New Testament and most recently as interim dean of humanities and theological studies, Lynn Cohick was secretary of the IBR when Tremper Longman became president. We thank Tremper for his years of faithful service to the Institute.

*The November programs for our Research Groups are now available.


Elmer Mar­tens  (1930-2016)
Elmer Mar­tens  (1930-2016)