The Institute for Biblical Research is an organization of evangelical Christian scholars that fosters excellence in biblical studies within a faith environment.
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BBRSup Announces a New Dissertation Series 

For some time BBRSup has not been able to publish recent Ph.D. dissertations and theses as part of the series. We are launching a new BBR Dissertation Series (BBRDiss) to be published by Gorgias Press.  While retaining our relationship with Eisenbrauns for the BBRSup, we will also publish the best of academic dissertations and theses within the spirit of IBR.  As we begin this venture, we are delighted to have Dr. Cynthia Westfall in New Testament ([email protected]) and Dr. Benjamin Noonan in Old Testament ([email protected]) as editors for the series.  Dr. Richard Hess ([email protected])   continues as general editor of the Supplement and the   Dissertation series. If you know of quality academic work that could be considered, please contact us. 

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Bulletin for Biblical Research

BBR publishes peer-reviewed articles in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and New Testament and sometimes cognate literature, from a range of historical and literary approaches. A significant portion of the journal is dedicated to reviews of new publications.

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BBR Supplements Series

The newest volume in the BBR Supplements Series, Elie Assis, Before There Were Kings: A Literary Analysis of the Book of Judges, will be available in November 2023.

Since 2007, the BBR Supplements Series has aimed to publish and make available affordable volumes of the best of biblical scholarship, within the spirit of the Institute for Biblical Research. The series is currently edited by Richard S. Hess and published by Eisenbrauns.

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