Research Groups

IBR Research Groups are specially designed to gather a community of scholars to study one particular topic for three or more years. Non-members are warmly welcomed to visit IBR Research Groups and we encourage members to commit to one group across multiple years.

Active Groups

About Research Groups

How They Work

Research Groups run for an initial three-year period, allowing participants to consider topics from various perspectives. Each group elects how best to approach their topic of interest and not every group issues a call for papers in any given year. The conveners may engage invited papers, panel discussions, or other avenues to best engage a topic. Often, a group’s work is published.

  Starting a New Group

If you’re interested in convening a new group, please email Jennifer Jones with your proposal. New groups are approved by the board and at least one convener must be an IBR Fellow. All groups run for 3 years initially after which they can decide whether or not to continue.


Can I attend a group if I’m not an IBR member?

Yes! All are welcome.

Can I visit multiple groups at the Annual Meeting?

It’s possible, but a little tricky since most Research Groups meet at the same time.

Can I participate if a group has started its 3-year run?

Yes! Initially, you might want to visit several groups before settling with one group over its multi-year run.

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