Research Group FAQs

Can I attend a group if I’m not an IBR member?

Yes! We welcome you to attend any of the Research Groups sponsored by IBR. We are sure you’ll find the groups a benefit, so we invite you to consider joining IBR as a member. You can apply for membership online, or check out the IBR Membership Table as you enter the Friday evening Annual Lecture.

Can I visit multiple groups during the Annual Meeting?

This is not impossible, but a little difficult as currently most of the Research Groups meet in the same time slot at the IBR Annual Meeting. This works well with the groups’ goal of connecting a group of scholars with shared research interests over a several-year period. It is this commitment of a group of scholars to shared research goals over several years that sets the IBR Research Groups apart from what is often experienced at conferences.

Can I participate if a group has started its 3-year run?

Yes! All are welcome to participate in a Research Group at any time during its duration. Initially, you might want to check out several groups but we do encourage you to find a group that aligns with your own research interests and commit to it over its multi-year run. Your ongoing presence will contribute to the group’s collegiality and benefit its research agenda.

How do the Research Groups differ from other events during the IBR Annual Meeting?

In addition to the Research Groups which gather a group of scholars around particular research topics for several years, everyone is also welcome to attend other public IBR events. These include the Annual Lecture featuring important work by a noted scholar, prepared responses, and a Q&A time; a reception concludes the evening—a great place to meet colleagues and friends! On Saturday morning, IBR Unscripted presents exciting research in a TED-talk style format. On Sunday, a worship service begins the day. Join us for any or all of these events!

How can I get involved with a current group?

You will find the names and emails for moderators listed with each Research Group. Feel free to contact them.

Can I start a new Research Group? How do I do so?

Research Groups are moderated by two IBR Fellows, or an IBR Fellow and an IBR Associate. Proposals for new groups must include a group name, description, and name/email for two moderators and should be submitted to the Research Groups Coordinator, Carmen Imes ([email protected]) and the Program Secretary, Lissa Wray Beal ([email protected]).

How many years does an IBR Research Group run?

A group runs for an initial 3-years and may be continually renewed for a further 3-year period.

Do all the Research Groups have a publishing agenda?

Not all do, but several have published volumes of collected essays arising from the group’s research agenda.

I am a PhD student; can I participate in the Research Groups?

Yes! We encourage you to do so. Please contact the moderators for the group that interests you to see how you might be involved.

I am interested in the Emerging Scholars Groups. Do they run for multiple years?

These groups are a little different than other Research Groups. They do run every year, but with a new group of scholars participating each year.

I am a PhD student or in my early years of teaching. How can I get involved in the Emerging Scholars Groups?

It’s easy! Ask a mentor to nominate you to the group moderators, or you can contact one of the group moderators yourself to see about proposing a paper.

If my mentor nominates me for the Emerging Scholars Group, must they attend the Emerging Scholars Group that year?

Ideally, mentors should plan to attend the Emerging Scholars Group with their nominee. This not only provides support to the nominee, but the mentor’s feedback is invaluable to all those attending the Emerging Scholars Groups.