Bulletin for Biblical Research

ISSN: 1065-223X (print), 2576-0998 (online)    Published by Penn State University Press

As the journal of the Institute for Biblical Research, the Bulletin for Biblical Research (BBR) publishes peer-reviewed articles in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and New Testament and sometimes cognate literature from a range of historical and literary approaches. A significant portion of the journal is dedicated to timely reviews of new publications on these subjects. Current and past issues are available digitally at Scholarly Publishing Collective.

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The journal accepts submissions of essays and book reviews that conform to the guidelines of the SBL Handbook of Style

Submission Instructions


Dominick S. Hernández, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Associate Editors

Mark Gignilliat, Beeson Divinity School
Joshua Jipp, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Editorial Board

Mark Boda, McMaster Divinity College
Aubrey Buster, Wheaton College
Joey Dodson, Denver Seminary
Miguel Echevarría, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Dennis Edwards, North Park Seminary
John Goodrich, Moody Bible Institute
Daniel M. Gurtner, Gateway Seminary
Chip Hardy, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Adam Howell, Boyce College
Dru Johnson, The Kings College
Scott Jones, Covenant College
Michael Kibbe, Great Northern University
Michelle Knight, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Matthew Lynch, Regent College
Catherine McDowell, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Madison Pierce, Western Theological Seminary
William Ross, Reformed Theological Seminary
Matthew Schlimm, The University of Dubuque
Jarvis Williams, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Lissa Wray Beal, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

Editorial Assistant

Thomas Lyons, Asbury Theological Seminar