Inductive Study of Scripture

  Sponsors: Fred Long ([email protected]) and Suzanne Nicholson ([email protected])

The newly formed Inductive Study of Scripture (ISS) research group explores the history, philosophy, and application of the Inductive Method of Bible interpretation as developed initially by William Rainey Harper and his student W. W. White, and then developed, adapted, and taught at numerous institutions. Most recently, the method has been comprehensively described in David R. Bauer and Robert A. Traina, Inductive Bible Study (Baker, 2011). In this opening session dedicated to providing an overview and showcase of the ISS approach, our session will have four 20-minute papers (each followed by 10 minutes of Q/R); the first two papers are invited papers that offer an overview of ISS; the final two papers are open papers that should showcase ISS by performing a biblical book survey and/or offering a detailed analysis of an individual pericope. Questions and proposals should be sent to Fred Long ([email protected]) or Suzanne Nicholson ([email protected]) by February 29, 2024.