The Book of the Twelve Prophets in Biblical Scholarship

3:30 to 5:30 pm
Conference Room 1

In 2023 we will continue to explore “Change and the Book of the Twelve.” Prophets spoke and wrote with the purpose of eliciting responses from their audiences. This makes change one of the pivotal features of the prophetic phenomenon. Our research group is exploring this phenomenon as it pertains to the Book of the Twelve. A wide variety of questions might be considered: What kinds of change does the Twelve envision? What trajectories of change are traced in the Book of the Twelve? How is change engendered, and what role did prophets have in this? Who is targeted for change, and why? What are the political, social, economic, theological, and psychological dimensions of change? How do “characters” within the Twelve change? How does the concept of change inform an understanding of God? How does it inform the depiction of the past and frame the depiction of the future? For more information, please contact Beth M. Stovell ([email protected]), George Athas (George.[email protected]), and Daniel Timmer ([email protected]).

Daniel Timmer, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Presiding (5 min)

Aaron Woods, Asbury Theological Seminary
“Does Disaster Befall a City Unless the LORD Has Done It?" The Book of Amos and the Rhetoric of a Disaster (30 min)

Shih-En Kuo, Wycliffe College
When Compassion and Vengeance Meet: Reutilization and Reimagination of the Golden Calf in the Book of the Twelve
(30 min)

Joel Barker, Heritage College & Seminary
Renewed, Rebuked, Replaced: Change in the Vision of Leadership in the Haggai—Malachi Corpus (30 min)

Roundtable Discussion (25 min)