History of Biblical Interpretation

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History of Biblical Interpretation 
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Plaza Court 5 (Plaza Tower - Concourse Level) - Sheraton Downtown (SD)

The History of Biblical Interpretation group focuses on recovering and examining the work of past male and female biblical interpreters with the aim of better understanding the methodologies, themes, and historical trajectories in the interpretation of biblical texts. This year, our theme is “Reading Paul in the Reformation.” We have invited three experts to give 20-minute presentations on male and female interpreters during the Reformation which will provide fodder for a robust time of discussion to follow. Inquiries about the session can be directed to Marion Taylor ([email protected]) or Andrew Witt ([email protected]), or visit the IBR website under the Research Groups tab (https://www.ibr-bbr.org/ )

Andrew Witt, Tyndale University College and Seminary (Ontario), Welcome (5 min)

Stephen J. Chester, Wycliffe College
Reading Paul with the Reformers (20 min)

Discussion (5 min)

Joy Schroeder, Capital University
Not Women’s Chit Chat but the Word of God: Women of the Reformation Reading Paul (20 min)

Discussion (5 min)

Marion Ann Taylor, Wycliffe College
“Should Women Speak/Preach?” Marie Dentière, Calvin, and Farel (20 min)

Discussion (5 min)

Roundtable Discussion (40 min)