Scripture and Doctrine Seminar

  Sponsor: Geoffrey Fulkerson

Historically doctrine has developed as the church needed to give an account of what it believed and to protect itself from heresy. The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS) explores the move from Scripture to the formulation of doctrine, and how doctrine and tradition illuminate our reading of the Bible. Insofar as doctrine captures the message of the Bible it also provides an indispensable lens through which to read Scripture and informs our faithful witness to Christ in His world. SADS is part of the Kirby Laing Centre Scripture Collective (

Figural Christology and the Doctrine of the Atonement

Various motifs in the New Testament theology of atonement are often figural in character. They interpret the death of Christ through the lens of one or more figures in Israel's Scriptures (e.g., Abraham's sacrifice of his beloved son, the Passover lamb, the Yom Kippur sacrifices, and the Suffering Servant). This seminar explores the relationship between Scripture and doctrine by revisiting and developing a number of these figural atonement motifs both exegetically and theologically.


Geoffrey Fulkerson, Dordt University (Chair)
Steve Harris, Horizon College and Seminary
Benjamin Quinn, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Luke Stamps, Oklahoma Baptist University