The Relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament

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The Relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament 
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Governor's Square 11 (Plaza Tower - Concourse Level) - Sheraton Downtown (SD)

The theme for 2022 will be “Appropriating Hebrews’s Scriptural Hermeneutic for the 21st Century.” For more information, please contact Dana Harris ([email protected]) and David Stark ([email protected]).

Dana M. Harris, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Introduction (5 min)

Nick Brennan, Westminster Seminary California
"As It Was in the Beginning": Deontic Origins and Creational Hermeneutics in Hebrews (20 min)

Alexander Stewart, Gateway Seminary
The Rhetorical Use of Old Testament Narratives in Fear Appeals in Hebrews: Hermeneutical Observations (20 min)

Bryan R. Dyer, Baker Academic
Who Tells Your Story: Situating the Reader within the History of Israel in the Epistle to the Hebrews (20 min)

William Olhausen, St. Matthias' Church
Hebrews and the Spirit of Hermeneutics: Participation and Experience in the (Ideal) Sermon Situation (20 min)

Gareth Cockerill, Wesley Biblical Seminary (emeritus), Respondent (15 min)

Discussion (20 min)