Linguistics and the Biblical Text

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Linguistics and the Biblical Text 
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Governor's Square 9 (Plaza Tower - Concourse Level) - Sheraton Downtown (SD)

Our plan for 2022 is to analyze Psalm 29 from multiple theoretical perspectives, showcasing the value and implications of different linguistic theories. For more information, please contact William Ross ([email protected]) or Elizabeth Robar. ([email protected]).

William A. Ross, Reformed Theological Seminary, Presiding

Robert D. Holmstedt, University of Toronto
The Revised and Extended Hebrew Verse Structure Model, Illustrated on Psalm 29 (25 min)

Ryan Sikes, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Unicorns and Monocola: The Lineation of Psalm 29 in Light of Ancient Manuscripts (25 min)

Emmylou J. Grosser, University of the Free State
Psalm 29: A Cognitive Poetics Approach (25 min)

Elizabeth Robar, Cambridge Digital Bible Research, Respondent (15 min)

Discussion (20 min)

Business Meeting (10 min)