Scripture and Church Seminar

  Sponsor: Bill DeJong

The Scripture and Church Seminar explores the implications of Scripture for the terrain that is normally referred to as practical theology. Its particular purpose is to promote rigorous and faithful biblical scholarship for ecclesial contexts and to forge bonds among scholars so motivated. For more information, contact Bill DeJong ([email protected]) or see the Kirby Laing Centre Scripture Collective website (

The Discipleship of the Ecclesiastical Calendar: The Nexus between Scripture, Time, and Anthropology

We will reflect on how the ecclesiastical calendar is borne out of the Scripture, how Scripture presents calendric events, how significant episodes in the ministry of Jesus align with Israel’s calendar (e.g., crucifixion – Passover; outpouring of Spirit – Pentecost), how the Bible envisions time, repetition, re-enactment, recapitulation, etc.


Dr. Bill DeJong, Blessings Christian Church, Redeemer University (Chair)
Dr. Susan Bubbersm The Center for Anglican Theology, Liturgy, and Spiritual Formation
Dr. David Starling, Morling College
Dr. Dru Johnson, The Kings College
Dr. Julie Canlis, PhD, St. Andrews
Dr. Dana Harrism, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School