Multidisciplinary Approaches and the Gospels

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Multidisciplinary Approaches and the Gospels 
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Plaza Court 3 (Plaza Tower - Concourse Level) - Sheraton Downtown (SD)

In 2022, we issued a general call for papers that engage a range of multidisciplinary approaches—especially focused on the social sciences and cognition—to the Gospels. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Shively ([email protected]) and Chris Porter ([email protected]).

Christopher Porter, Trinity College Theological School, Presiding

Cory M. Marsh, Southern California Seminary
A Hermeneutic of Trauma: Exploring the Collective Betrayal in John 14–16 (20 min)

Hannah Craven, University of St. Andrews
Trauma Hermeneutics and Reading Resurrection in the Gospel of John (20 min)

Rachel Danley, University of Aberdeen
Temple Spatiality as a Conceptual Framework for Purity in the Fourth Gospel (20 min)

Gregory E. Lamb, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
The Church's Reception of Luke 16:19–31 in Word and Image (20 min)

Break (5 min)

Discussion (35 min)