Catholic Epistles

  Sponsor: Darian Lockett ([email protected])

Time, Date, and Location TBA

The Catholic Epistles research group focuses on the historical figures of James, Peter, John, and Jude along with their often-neglected letters. The research group will explore the degree to which these historical figures and their writings constitute a “non-Pauline” center of gravity both historically and theologically within the New Testament and the early church and will consider how a canonical reading of the Catholic Epistles influences the way we interpret and apply these letters. In 2024, we enter the second year of our three-year focus on Peter with an open call for papers that explores themes within the Petrine canon (i.e., 1-2 Peter, sermons in Acts, Mark, etc.) that would contribute to the development of a Petrine theology. Both papers focusing on theological categories such as the doctrine of God, Christology, eschatology, ecclesiology (including biblical theological topics such as New Exodus/wilderness, restoration of Israel) and papers reflecting on a methodology for constructing a Petrine theology from the canonical texts will be welcome.

For consideration, an abstract must be submitted to Darian Lockett ([email protected]) or Kelly Liebengood ([email protected]) by February 29, 2024.