The Pentateuch

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3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Plaza Court 1 (Plaza Tower - Concourse Level) - Sheraton Downtown (SD)

We’re exploring the five books of Moses through historical background, diachronic and synchronic studies, and theological interpretation, with particular attention given to integrating these methods toward a better understanding of the Pentateuch itself or the role of the Pentateuch in Biblical Theology. This year we finish a two-year series on the dating of Pentateuchal sources by focusing on the absolute dating of D. For more information, contact Todd Patterson ([email protected]) or Michael Cox ([email protected]).

Michael Cox, LLC International University, Presiding

Todd Patterson, Matej Bel University, Presiding

Bill T. Arnold, Asbury Theological Seminary
Deuteronomy as the Ipsissima Vox of Moses: An Update (35 min)

Sandra Richter, Westmont College (Respondent, 10 min)

Kaz Hayashi, Bethel Seminary/Baylor University
The Shape of Deuteronomy in Chronicles: An Evaluation of Deuteronomy’s terminus ante quem (35 min)

Paul Evans, McMaster Divinity College, Respondent (10 mins)

Discussion (25 min)