Chronicler's History

  Sponsors: Nathan Lovell ([email protected]) or David B. Schreiner ([email protected])

Time, Date, and Location TBA

The Chronicler’s History research group focuses on the text of Chronicles as an intentional literary portrayal of Israel’s past, an example of ancient historiography. This year the group will explore characters and characterization in Chronicles.  The session will contain a mix of open and invited papers and will contain time for respondents and discussion.

We encourage submissions on any aspect of characters and characterization in the book of Chronicles including, but not limited to, the literary techniques that the Chronicler uses to develop characters, the relationship between characters in Chronicles and Samuel/Kings, and the relationship between the literary portraits of the Chronicler and the historical person behind them.

Paper submissions should be sent either to Nathan Lovell ([email protected]) or David Schreiner ([email protected]) by February 29, 2024.