Chronicler's History

  Sponsors: Nathan Lovell ([email protected]) or David B. Schreiner ([email protected])

1:00 to 3:00 pm
Conference Room 6

The Chronicler’s History research group focuses on the text of Chronicles as an example of ancient historiography. In particular, we focus on the way the Chronicler has drawn from and presented other parts of the Old Testament as he composed his history. Building from and moving beyond scholarly source-critical and intertextual observations, we consider Chronicles as an account that both represents and utilises the rest of the Old Testament as it builds an intentional portrait of Israel’s past.

This year, the group’s first, a panel of invited scholars will explore textual and interpretive issues germane to the study of the book, of broad interest to the scholarly community, and indicative of current directions of research. For more information, contact Nathan Lovell ([email protected]) or David B. Schreiner ([email protected]).

Nathan Lovell, George Whitefield College, Welcome (2 min)

David B. Schreiner, Wesley Biblical Seminary
David’s Final Words to Solomon: A New Element to an Old Discussion (18 min)

Discussion (2 min)

Kaz Hayashi, Bethel Seminary and University
What Is Said through Omissions? A Comparison of the Chronicler's Intentional Omission with the Babylonian Chronicles (18 min)

Discussion (2 min)

David T. Lamb, Missio Seminary
Easter Eggs in a Genealogy: David's Royal Line (1 Chronicles 3:1–17) (18 min)

Discussion (2 min)

Nathan Lovell, George Whitefield College
Revisiting von Rad’s Levitical Sermon: The Chronicler's Allusions to Authoritative Writings on the Lips of Kings and Prophets (18 min)

Discussion (2 min)

Paul S. Evans, McMaster Divinity College
Something New under the Sun: A Chronicles Commentary without Constant Comparison to Samuel-Kings (18 min)

Discussion (20 min)