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Dear IBR Colleagues,

Once again, it is wonderful to see so many of our members in San Francisco at our annual IBR meetings! There is a lot going on in the IBR these days, including opportunities for even more participation by our members. I wanted to share with you a few of the items, and I encourage you to invite your friends, colleagues, and students to the IBR meetings.

You will note the addition this year of Friday afternoon working groups. Coordinated by Drs. Mark Boda and Ruth Anne Reece, they enable expanded participation by our members around shared research interests. Some of the presented work may subsequently find publication in BBR or other venues. We think it will be worth your effort to get involved in these sessions.

You will already have received your name badge through the mail. You do not need to show the badges to enter the IBR meetings (although you should be registered for the SBL sessions). We hope the badges will help our people get better acquainted. They will also enable you to obtain the free book provided this year by Baker Academic. Baker is also hosting the reception on Friday night, and we thank them for their generous hospitality.

If you are not sure if you have paid your annual IBR dues, please contact Eisenbrauns or our IBR Secretary, Lynn Cohick <[email protected]>. I should also note that thus far this year, we have welcomed more than 50 new members into the IBR!

Our web site continues to expand its services to you, and has now launched its new format. Remember that members can post job opportunities in biblical studies for up to six months (contact our webmaster to access this service). The web also enables members to annually post their publications on our website; see “Member Profile Database” on the reverse for instructions.

Finally, IBR is sponsoring two volumes through Baker Academic. Rick Hess and Bill Arnold are editing the Old Testament volume and Joel Green and I are editing the New Testament volume, called The World of the New Testament. The volumes involve both younger and seasoned IBR members, and will serve as useful resources for undergraduate and masters level courses.

If you have any questions about what is going on or how you can be more involved, by all means, please do contact me or any of our Directors (you will find contact information on our web home page)

Yours in Christ’s service,

Dr. Lee McDonald, President