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Volume 22 of BBR will see the publication of four issues. When the last issue of 2012 appears, we will have published a total of twenty research essays and one note. This will include 6 Old Testament articles, 11 in New Testament, and 3 that significantly address both testaments. While this provides an emphasis on the New Testament, the first two issues of volume 23 (2013) of BBR will include 80% of the papers from the field of Old Testament studies. We also see the publication of a large number of full-length reviews that have appeared, 90 in the first three issues. There is a balance of 42 Old Testament reviews, 45 New Testament reviews, and 3 reviews of books that substantially address both testaments. The BBR continues to reflect the finest biblical scholarship.

The associate editors, Eckhard Schnabel and Gerald Klingbeil, welcome IBR members who wish to write book reviews. If there is a book that you would be interested in reviewing or a subject area, please contact Eckhard (NT) or Gerald (OT). We also encourage you to submit the best of your scholarly research for publication in the Bulletin for Biblical Research. While we allow and occasionally publish exceptional papers from doctoral students, we ask that the candidate’s supervisor endorse the work before beginning the review process.

This year Eisenbrauns published two monographs in the BBR Supplements Series: Michael H. Burer’s Divine Sabbath Work (volume 5) and Ralph K. Hawkins’ The Iron Age I Structure on Mt. Ebal: Excavation and Interpretation (volume 6). Five manuscripts have been accepted and are in various stages of publication. I, along with associate editor Craig Blomberg, welcome additional submissions by members of IBR.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard S. Hess
Editor, Bulletin for Biblical Research and BBR Supplements