Convener Instructions

Our new website lets you edit your own Research Group Page. This includes the call for papers in the Spring and adding your program details in the Fall. We hope this streamlines the process and removes redundancy.

1. Page Editor

To access your group’s page editor, click the button below:

Edit Research Groups     Please do not edit other group’s pages.

Note: conveners cannot edit the header image, title, or the sidebar of your page; nor can you add/remove conveners. These are done by the IBR webmaster. The convener emails are autogenerated from your IBR account. To change them, you need to change your email in your IBR account.

2. Group Description

The first thing you can do is add/edit your page description. This displays under the page title and above the tabs. You have some basic formatting controls, but please use them sparingly.

This description should be a general one about your group, not a specific one about any given year’s topic.

3. Meeting Details

Under the main Group Description, you should see the meeting years. Click the most recent one to edit it.

The meeting details allows you to offer a call for papers in the Spring and your program details in the Fall.

  • Description. This description will go at the top of the meeting year tab. Put info about this year’s topic, speakers, or format. Do not put the general description of your group here. That should go in the Group Description.
  • Presentation. Click the “Show” button to edit your presentation details (see below).
  • Meeting time and location. The meeting time, location, and any postponement details appear at the bottom of meeting year tab.

4. Speaker Info and Papers

Clicking the “Show” button will give you the Presentation editor. Here you can add presiders, panelists, speakers, etc. For discussions and business meetings, etc. just choose “Other” as the presentation type. The software will handle all the formatting for you. You can also upload papers for each speaker. These will be combined into a single .zip file that’s only available to logged in users.

To close the Presentation editor, click the “Hide” button which should have replaced the “Show” button when you opened it.

Each part of your program is specified in the Presentation popup.

Note: the text you put in the blue popup field is what will appear in bold on the live page. You can edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

This text is what will be bolded on the live page.

5. Save

Make sure when you’re all done that you click the blue “Update” button in the top right to save your changes.