Chronicler’s History

In by Catherine McDowell

The Chronicler’s History research group focuses on the text of Chronicles as an example of ancient historiography. In particular, we focus on the way the Chronicler has drawn from and presented other parts of the Old Testament as he composed his history. Building from and moving beyond scholarly source-critical and intertextual observations, we consider Chronicles as an account that both represents and utilises the rest of the Old Testament as it builds an intentional portrait of Israel’s past.

For the 2023 Annual Meeting, we are accepting proposals focusing on the Chronicler’s use and retelling of Samuel and Kings. Attention should be given to one or more synoptic sections, with particular emphasis upon comparing the way history is presented in the two accounts. For more information on the 2023 CFP, or to submit a paper proposal, please contact Nathan Lovell ([email protected]) or David B. Schreiner ([email protected]). The deadline for proposals is February 28, 2023.