Chronicler’s History

In by Catherine McDowell

The Chronicler’s History research group focuses on the text of Chronicles as an example of ancient historiography. In particular, we focus on the way the Chronicler has drawn from and presented other parts of the Old Testament as he composed his history. Building from and moving beyond scholarly source-critical and intertextual observations, we consider Chronicles as an account that both …

Scripture, Hermeneutics, and the Middle East

In by Catherine McDowell

The focus of this study group is on the biblical texts and hermeneutical approaches that inform various theologies of the Land and People of God, with interest in how these theologies shape contemporary Christian responses to Middle East realities and conflicts, with particular concern for Israel and Palestine.

Scripture and the University

In by Catherine McDowell

The Scripture and the University Seminar looks forward to its November 2022 meeting, which will consist of invited papers devoted to the exploration of “The Bible and the University Disciplines.” For those interested in learning more, please contact Brad Green ([email protected]).

Difficult Texts in the Old Testament: A Workshop Approach

In by Peter Gurry

Each year this group will examine a difficult passage in the Old Testament from multiple angles. The session will be divided into two parts with Part I addressing exegesis and intertextuality and Part II addressing biblical theology and ethics. Each part will begin with two brief (5-min) invited responses to get the conversation started, but the bulk of the time …